QuickTip: Fast shellplate changes on the RCBS Pro-2000

If you reload for multiple cartridges, chances are you’ll be removing and replacing shellplates quite often. I’ve discovered a fast way to perform shellplate changeovers on the RCBS Pro-2000 and wanted to share with you a QuickTip that will help you speed up shellplate changes.

This tip is a simple one- in order to speed up the bolt removal/replacement process, use a 3/8″ drive socket adapter and a 3/8″ drive 8mm allen key. You just crack the torque on the bolt with the factory-supplied 8mm allen key, then use this 3/8″ drive tool combination as a “handwheel” to quickly spin the bolt on and off.

Improvised shellplate bolt removal tool - Image Copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader
Improvised shellplate bolt removal tool – Image Copyright 2013 Ultimate Reloader

And here’s a video showing the improvised tool in action: (click on gear to change to HD playback)

I don’t show the entire shellplate process in the video, but it’s easy- after getting the center bolt out, you loosen the ejection wire set screw, lift off the ejection wire, and then lift off the shellplate. Installation is reverse of removal.

Oh, and what do you all think of the new Ultimate Reloader theme music and into/outtro? 🙂



7 thoughts on “QuickTip: Fast shellplate changes on the RCBS Pro-2000”

  1. I’ll have to show how I do it. My method is very simliar, except I got one of those screw drivers that spin as you push down on them, and added the hex socket to the end of it. I just pop the shell plate, plug the hex in the bolt and zip-zip-zip and it’s done.

    1. I found that you’d have to cut down the allen key to make that work. If you try and spin it while vertical it hits the bottom of the powder measure which hangs down (even with die plate off).

      …but you could cut down a “shortie” 8mm allen key and make that work! 🙂

  2. Gavin: Great videos. I’ve watched the two-part video on changing from .45 ACP to .357 on the Dillon 650 press–it looks like a complicated process to switch calibers. On the RCBS Pro 2000 with primer strip system your shellplate switch video seems straightforward. Which of the progressive presses you have used is easiest to switch from one pistol caliber to another?

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