Shotshell Reloading: Coming this Year on Ultimate Reloader!

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be bringing you all some shotshell reloading content this year! I’m still getting things lined up, but I’m really looking forward to trying out a bunch of equipment, experimenting with different types of shot, slugs, powder, primers, hulls, wads, and putting it all together with shotshell reloading presses!


So, now’s your chance to tell me what you want to see! What kind of equipment are you interested in? What kind of reloading do you want to see (hunting, clays, defense, etc). There’s going to be so much to talk about, and it’s going to be a great adventure. More information to come, but in the mean time, leave a comment to help me know what you all are interested in seeing!



24 thoughts on “Shotshell Reloading: Coming this Year on Ultimate Reloader!”

  1. I’m interested in this as well. I was looking into getting a shotshell reloader, but wasn’t sure which to get into. I’ve been using my RCBS Pro 2000 for 12+ years now for pistol and rifle reloads. I was surprised how much shotshell reloading cost to get into!

  2. A welcome addition. I have been reloading shotshell for many years. Need formulas to consume some 7 lbs of Win540 and 8 lbs of Win WST. Thanks

  3. Hi Gavin,

    I would love to see some of your fantastic reviews on MEC, LEE & Hornady 12g, 20 & .410g.
    Can’t wait for the shotgun section to start on your site!
    Keep up the good work!

    (Derbyshire, UK)

  4. When I was growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, my Dad had a MEC 600 Jr on which he reloaded paper-hulled 12-gauge shells for hunting, mostly waterfowl. I would enjoy seeing hunting and defensive loads.

  5. how about reloading high brass hulls?
    they are made by magtech and you can use them for a very long time, since they are all brass(no paper).
    would also like to se a demo on how a classic leeloader is used to load hulls. 😉

  6. Proper sequence for MEC setup and troubleshooting MEC adjustments: esp getting nice crimps and preventing sidewall buckling/wrinkles.

    There’s a reason so many MEC owners have multiple machines. Adjusting/fiddling to get it all set right with a hull or wad change of the same gauge can make a grown man cry.
    Changing over from 12 to 20 gauge or 2 3/4″ to 3″ can make your head go ‘splodey.

  7. Was hoping you might do some 10 gauge reloads. I have an old 10 gauge and an old 12 gauge and am nervous to shoot the steel shot through them. I want to learn to reload Shotshells with lead shot.

  8. Hi,

    Wallyworld is starting to “Register” ammo purchases, limiting to 3 – 50’s. Ahhhhh,,,, that’s 150 rounds, So there are some that purchase one K at a time to save money(in the long run).

    Reloading is the only option. about 1/3 to 1/4 the cost. Yah,, you already know this.

    The point of this message:

    Anything that you research as a “Good Purchase/Plan/Product/Value for the Money/Direction to Go IN” . I read alll of the Good Ideas.

    I have interested. Make a believer out of me.


    Dave ”, also

  9. Do a cost comparison and possible pattern results using so-called brand name wads and using what I’ve been accused of….using bargain brand wads (Of which I can find no differnence in performance!!)….testing the reloading ability of hulls of different makes…etc. I use AA’s and of the high velocity reload kind. I really miss those Active shotshells however!! You could skip the resizing and just punch out the spent primer..install a new primer and so on. If I recall….there was a steel ring molded into the base of the rim…..they were GREAT!! Another great product gone!!

    Loading slugs is a very simple process and of course I cast my own slugs with the Lee “Key”slug into a pastic wad…..test the accuracy of reloaded slug ammo verses factory and velocity comparison? I have not cast buckshot and have been reluctant to cast my own buckshot due to spotty good and bad reports of using the Lee Precision buckshot mold…a real test would be great! With “REAL” actual results.

    Then there is the equipment performance…loading for buck shot and slugs is of the low consumption basis compared to trap/skeet. So if loading for shotshell for buckshot/slug ammo only doesn’t require a huge dollar investment…..the Lee Load All 2 can be had for $52.00 plus shipping and will reload all the buckshot/slug rounds one needs (But of course I’ve loaded thousands of game loads using the Load All)…….simple equipment performace verses cost?

    Powder comparison? Most economical verses best performance? I’ve always used Unique because of the versatility of this powder…pistol/shotshell ammo and covers such a wide spread of both. Pros and Cons of different powders?

  10. Since the Lee Load-All is so cheap….I’d like to see you cover it for a review aimed towards the super-budget reloader. Sure it’s not a MEC or even close to that level of quality, but I still think it’s worth reviewing.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  11. I’ve been using the inexpensive Lee Load All but would like to upgrade. The Load All does a great job and I can crank out the shells. I only reload target loads on this device for shooting clays. I purchase higher-end shells for ducks, geese, and turkey. However, I’d like to upgrade to a progressive shot shell reloader. I can’t justify $700, the ROI is just too far out. I’d like to see some reviews of mid priced options in the $250 to $450 dollar range.

  12. Your a gluten for punishment. Dillon, RCBS, Mec, Ponsness, Spolar, Hornady all make progressive. And cost goes hand in hand with the name and quality. They all do the same thing. I see the main question of who has the best primer drop system? My Mec hydralic with the “new” primer tray misses a primer drop about 1 in 100. Not bad until you have to clean out powder from everywhere. A spot light on the primer helps. My Hornady 20 gauge is a pain, for me at least, to crimp without buldge. My Mec crimps Remington Gold perfectly. AA hulls have a hole in the middle. AA hulls are a little shorter than the Gold. Wish there was a switch to throw for each kind. Shooting sporting clays on a weekend and burning 4 or 500 rounds. It is nice to load on a progressive. 2 to 3 hours for 500 rounds.
    What I would like to see is, of all the machines, which one adjusts from one hull to another the easiest and fastest. In today’s shooting most people get their hulls from the range. Possibilities are endless for powder, wad, primer, etc.

  13. I like the easiest to set up and possibley a Reloader that has quick change capabilities, without BUYING ANOTHER RELOADER. I have Four Now. MEC is Good but I have 3 To many. Is there One that is Best. My Dillon Progressive is Cool, But Is to Expensive., and I am still waiting for My last backorder. Now in these Times that is a Problem. Are they even available? Or is it another Hurry up and Wait. I am selling my No BS machines on e-bay. Check availability on parts or it is a BS Bust

  14. I used a Ponsness/Warren 950 Elite reloader. I thinks it the best made, quality, (an most expensive) shot-shell reloader available today. I have stopped reloading shot gun due to the high cost of shot. You can purchase trap loads at Wallyworld for just pennies above what it would cost to reload your own.

    I love reloading shot shells, more so than metallic cartridges, but unless sources for lower cost shot (here in NE, $25lbs chilled shot is $46-$49/bag), reloading is just not cost effective.

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