Hornady Lock-N-Load AP: Overview Part II

In my last post, I included a video covering some of the basic features of the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive 5-station reloading press. In this post, I’ll finish the overview of this reloading press with another video covering the case feed system, and demonstrating the press in operation.

I wanted to mention again that I’m publishing a full review of the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP in Northwest Gun Magazine Issue #1, so if you are interested in more information about this press, you’ll want to check out the article for sure.



5 thoughts on “Hornady Lock-N-Load AP: Overview Part II”

  1. If I purchase a bullet feeder die, attach a clear tube to the top of it and manually fill the tube with a bunch of bullets should it work properly until the bullets run out? Would this be a cheap way of adding an automatic bullet feeder until I can afford the rest of the parts?

    1. because it is a gravity feed system once the bullets are in the tube, there is no reason that it shouldn’t work.

      you can also use different brand feeders with different presses as long as it is setup correctly, thus you can buy the cheapest auto feeder and make it work.

      but as to your question, it should definitely work, just stop every X rounds and fill the tube, use a longer tube for less bullet reloads

  2. I just purchased the LnL AP press after years of doing all my reloading on a single-stage press. But one thing I’m not sure about is the issue of case trimming. In my single-stage days, my process for pistol ammo was:

    deprime/resize a batch of cases (like, 500 at a time)
    manually trim cases using the Lee trimmer (an extremely laborious processes)
    prime/charge/seat in separate steps

    I see in your own set-up, there’s no trimming stage. Obviously, having to take cases out to trim them after decapping will slow everything down again, and is obviously the wrong approach.

    So, how often do you bother trimming cases for .45, and do you have a preferred way of setting it up on a progressive? I saw one YouTube video where a guy did case prep and case loading in two passes on his LnL AP: decap in station one and trim using an electric trimmer in station 2, and then the rest of the loading steps in a second pass with priming, charging, seating and crimping.

    What do you recommend?

  3. have you every done a comparison or the dillon 650 and the lock n load with a basic set up. just the case feeder .? sure would like to see that with ros or cons of each.

  4. The rail system that you have on your bench to hold and move the press around is awesome! Where can I purchase that?

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