AR-308 – Precision Loading Pt. 4 – Seating Bullets Checking Concentricity

In my last video, I covered priming and charging cases, see AR-308 – Precision Loading Pt. 3 – Priming and Charging Cases. Now we need to seat bullets, and also check/correct for concentricity of the bullet. If we have a consistent charge, a benchrest primer, consistent case neck thickness, and a properly/optimally seated bullet, we’re going to have some mighty fine results (especially considering the rifle that we’re using).

More details to follow! My next set of posts in this series will cover progressive reloading equipment and the RCBS Bullet Feeder for 30 cal. It’s going to be fun!



4 thoughts on “AR-308 – Precision Loading Pt. 4 – Seating Bullets Checking Concentricity”

  1. Either I missed it or can’t find it but I was curious as to your selection of powder and loads to reflect the pressures and velocity your going after.

  2. Another great video! With the tools you have there, ie. converted Redding press, hornady lnl progressive in the back ground and the head space gauge, how close are the dies if you switch from the Redding to the LNL? I was wonder how difficult it would be to get then equal so you could switch between presses and not have to adjust the dies.
    Thanks, Mike.

  3. Having problem with bullet jump when slamming bolt closed on round. Used lee factory crim and dillon taper crimp. Any ideas on why oacl grows after i slam bolt closed then eject round and re-measure oscl?

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