AR-MPR – Getting Ready for first range trip

Well, I’m pretty excited to be heading to the range to do the function check on the AR-MPR rifle, and get things sighted in. I’ve got a bunch of 20 round mags on loan, and all of the other accessories that I think I’ll need- but I’ll need ammo for sure. Why not break in this gun with handloads? I decided to load up some new Winchester .223 brass with some Varget and 52 grain Speer Varmint HP bullets.

RCBS Pro-2000 loading up some .223 for the 1st range trip - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

I figure 100 rounds plus some boxes of ammo I’ve loaded up in the past should be sufficient for the sight-in tasks! I’ll write up a range report and summarize the function check procedures. I don’t have photo privelages at the range (yet).

The fruits of my labor - gleaming .223 ammo ready to go - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

How well will these shoot? I’m going to find out tomorrow! Hopefully everything functions correctly with the rifle…

Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “AR-MPR – Getting Ready for first range trip”

  1. I’ll be interested to see how your optic set-up holds zero while using the mount to span the receiver/hand guard. Though this is certainly possible, most rifles that I’ve seen that are real tack drivers, use a cantilever mount long enough to install the mount entirely on the receiver.

    Over the past 25 years, I have built many scores or AR’s, own most of the build videos and spoken to some of the best builders in the industry. Their consensus as near as I’ve been able to determine follows the old adage of what ever can happen, surely will happen and spanning the gap to be a bit of a compromise.

    I’m not knocking you here and hope it doesn’t come across as doing so, it’s one of those habits I got into early and just never done it, accepted it as truth, without ever experiencing the set up first hand. I’ve enjoyed watching your videos, seen them all, I hope this rifle turns out to be one that can dot the I. Great job sharing the information.

  2. Gavin, I put a M-223 mount on my RRA Varmint A4 but elected to go with the M-223 BDC 3x12x42 which is calibrated for the 55G 3240 ammo. I sighted the scope in at 50yd. hit 3 clicks for the corrected distance and punched it thru first shot. Good luck with the Monarch. We have a 1000 yard range here in florida and I am planning to use all of it I can.

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