Christmas wishes- what’s yours?


A great Christmas Gift! - S&W Model 629 4" - Winter Bear Repellent

It’s that time of season. Christmas is coming fast. I’m sure you’ve all purchased your loved ones presents (hint guys- make sure you get your wife something nice 🙂 – and soon). But I’m also sure you’ve given out lists of what you’d like for Christmas.


So what is it you’re dreaming of? 1911 .22LR slide conversion kit? A new holster? Reloading press? Case feeder? A giant chunk of lead? Personally, I wouldn’t mind an AR-10 – would be great to complement the AR-15 I’m building.

17 thoughts on “Christmas wishes- what’s yours?”

  1. It’s an old tradition in bars…If you can get (trick) the barkeep to ask “What’s Yours???”, your next libation is on him….

    Broz – glad I found thi site through the Handloaders List on Yahoo!!! Merry Christmas to all my fellow reloaders!!!

  2. Merry Christmas to all.

    I would love to add a case feeder, or the new bullet feeder to my Lock-n-Load. But more dies will also work for me.

    Dreaming big would be the new Springfield XDm subcompact.

  3. The following is on my list.. BTW, if anyone feels like playing santa and bringing this stuff, I’ll set on your lap.. LOL!!

    Hornady Bullet feeder kit with 9mm, 38, .45, .44 collets
    Hornady Ultrasonic cleaner (New large one)
    Hornady Case Prep Center
    Giraud Case trimmer with collets for .223, .270, .308, 7mm, .50 BMG
    Corbin MegaMite CSP2 Press with dies for .223, 9mm, .45

    Well, I’ll stop there as I don’t want to seem ‘Hoggish’ :O)

    Merry Christmas all!!

  4. Merry christmas & Happy New Year to all of you & to your families as well. Also Merry Christmas to our troops here & overseas. God Bless America. The best country in the world. Happy shooting to all of you. All I need for christmas is good health!! And I wish good health to all of you as well. Ken

  5. I wish for our troops to see their mission accomplished, and return home safely. If I could get that, it will suffice for the rest of my Christmases. God Bless.

  6. I have (3) Hornady Progressive Presses but I could live with one new Hornady Case Feeder from Santa:)

    Powder and Primers make good stocking stuffers too!

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