Redding T-7 Loading .223 Part II (HD)

This second video in a two video series finishes the demonstration of how to change calibers and load .223 reminton ammo on a Redding T-7 reloading press. In this installment, you’ll see the case charging process with the Redding #BR3 benchrest powder measure, and the bullet seating process.

Note that for high-volume .223 Remington reloading, it is possible to use a case-activated powder measure (see the 44 Magnum Redding video for more detail)

5 thoughts on “Redding T-7 Loading .223 Part II (HD)”

  1. I prefer to use a universal depriming die before I clean my brass so the primer pockets are also cleaned of all carbon and other residue by the walnut media. The Lee Universal Depriming and Decapping Die works acceptably well for nine bucks. Plus, those Lee dies are nearly indestructible, I’ve yet to break a depriming pin despite using the die on hundreds of crimped-in primers. BTW, it’s “universal,” one die deprimes all calibers and, of course, the case doesn’t have to be lubed prior to using the die since the fit isn’t tight.

  2. Can you do a video on converting and reloading 300 AAC rounds. I really like this Redding press, just curious how long it would take to case trim 223 to 300 AAC and then load.

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