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  1. Gavin,

    I just purchased a LNL to use for .40S&W, .357 Mag, and .38 special. For the .40 I ordered the taper crimp die as well since I understand that the .40 headspaces on the case neck. I also purchased the powder cop die for extra safety. When loading .40’s using the powder cop and taper crimp you obviously run out of stations so I thought getting the through the powder dispenser expander would free up a station. Have you used these and how do they perform compared to the actual expander die? Thanks!


  2. Rick, I just got some PTX expander inserts and the Powder Cop Die. I should have videos posted for these items soon. Thanks!

  3. I’m new to reloading and I’m need help in a big way. i need to know how far do i seat the dies when i install them in the press, I have the new L-N-L AP press.

    Also thanks for having such great Videos, you should contact Hornady and tell them to pay you to do there new video presentation, man they sent me a video that looked at least 20 years old. I almost sent the press back to got the Dillon for that very reason it was bad i mean real bad the press was old and one episode even had Joyce Honady now that was ok it had a lot to do with safty so i was impressed with that part. but that was made in the late 60’s or early 70’s.

  4. Ivan- thanks for the feedback on the videos.

    Question: Are you setting up rifle or pistol dies? If pistol, automatic or revolver? That will help me help you with die setup. BTW: I’m planning articles for setting up dies, so stay tuned. In the near term, I’ll do my best to help you get setup.


  5. I just bought a set of dies for 38-357 Mag – 357 max off ebay. It says it’s a carbide set, series II. I’m new to reloading and not entirely sure about the purpose of each of the dies. One is marked expander-decap, which I assume expands the case mouth. I’m not sure how it’s decapping anything (there isn’t a pin…). I have one mark as a 38-357-357 Max No. 3, which I’m not sure about. And I have one mark as just 38-357-357 Max that has a hole all the way through. I can’t find much info on these dies…

    Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Hi, I have the same question that Ivan asked you. ” I’m new to reloading and I’m need help in a big way. i need to know how far do i seat the dies when i install them in the press, I have the new L-N-L AP press”. Also what about the poweder die? I will be reloading 6.8 mm and 45 ACP. Can you please help me? Please keep in mind I do not know anything about reloading. Thank you in advance



  7. Gavin,

    Hi, great videos, Thanks for helping me decide Hornady over Dillon. Already ordered and parts are beginning to arrive.

    I thought I’d settled on W231 for my pistol powder for .45ACP, 10mm, 9mm, and .380, but know I’m reading about how dirty it burns which is contrary to earlier research.

    I see you use the same powder, what are your impressions?



    1. W231 is great (same as Hodgdon HP-38). I have used it with great results in 9mm, 38spl, 44 special, and 45 ACP loads. It’s a flattened ball powder, and that makes it meter very well in all of the powder measures I’ve tried it in (Hornady lock-n-load, RCBS uniflow, Lee Auto-Disk, Dillon (from XL-650), and the Redding BR3). A little also goes a long way.

      One thing to keep in mind is the small volume charges take up. Either visually inspect each load before placing the bullet (no exceptions!) or use a powder check die system.

  8. Gavin I just ordered my Hornady L&L PP. I have not ordered dies yet. By using the expander in the powder charge station and a factory taper crimp die in the last station. The Hornady 3 die sets will be the wrong dies. Do they pack a set of dies just for the L&L progressive set ? I think I just need the sizer decaper, expander plug for that caliber that goes into powder charge station. Then the bullet seater die and then factory taper crimp. Will Hornady pack a die kit like that or will I have to buy indivual dies to complete my setup? Also will the Lee 4 carbide die sets work in the Hornady L&L progressive loader?

    1. GW: Congrats on your new press! It sounds like you’re going to order the PTX expander for each die set? (to use powder drop and expand in powder measure station?) In that case, the Lee sets or the Hornady sets will work. No, you can’t mix and match Hornady die sets. You’d need the 3 die set + the taper crimp die for each caliber (or roll crimp for revolver cartridges). You can however use the Hornady 3 die set and the Lee Factory Crimp die, that’s a popular combo.

  9. Gavin does the PTX expander work with the powder drop tube as it comes from the factory? Or will I need another part to make them work?

  10. Looking into buying a LNL AP Press with Bullet feeder and case feeder. I was a little curious on the dies. Which 5 dies should i have if i want to run the powder cop die as well to check the charge? any advice would be very welcomed!

  11. Hi,
    This is probably going to be a very stupid question for you but I am as green as the lawn when it comes to reloading. I’ve purchased a Hornady LNL AP press after seeing your comparison review of the Dillon, Hornady, and Lee. Im reading and reading and I see different die sets for 9mm that “look” the same to me but I can’t find out online how they are different. I know there is something different about them because Hornady has them listed as two different items on their site.

    Here are the sets I’m confused about:

    9mm Luger-9 x 21 (.355) 3-Die Set
    9mm Luger-9 x 21 (.355) Taper Crimp 3-Die Set

    Can you tell me what is the difference between these two sets and WHICH DO I NEED TO GET STARTED. I’m lost here.

  12. I bought both the LNL AP & Classic, was researching pistol dies & thought I needed Carbide dies. I was surprised that Hornady doesn’t offer them. Then I read the fine print & realized that all their dies have Titanium Nitride on them which is more resilient than carbide. Now I am set on primarily buying Hornady dies, but need to figure out taper crimp as opposed to the standard crimp that is part of the 3 die set.

    The first dies I want are for 9mm, 40S&W, 556 & 762×51. I already have the Redding Carbide URX push thru full length resizing die for 40. I will be wet tumbling so I will be decapping & resizing 40 before I load it in the LNL AP. For 9mm & 40 my priority are dies that will last for loading quantity, yet I want decent quality.

    1. What type of crimp does the standard 3-die set do in the seating die? Is it a roll crimp? For .40S&W I am thinking about getting the Hornady 3-die taper crimp set. Since I will decap, wet tumble, full length resize in Redding URX push thru die before I run it on my LNL AP I am considering the setup below:
      Station 1: Expander
      Station 2: Primer seating
      Station 3: Powder drop
      Station 4: Powder Cop
      Station 5: Bullet Seating & Taper Crimp

      Does this sound good?

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