XL650 Loading 45ACP (HD)

In this video you’ll see how to setup and load 45 ACP ammunition on a Dillon XL650 reloading press. In this video, I show how 3rd party dies (Hornady) work great on the Dillon XL650.


Click "HD" icon after playback starts to view in HD

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  1. hyper79 says:

    Bought my first progressive a SDB in 45 ACP last weekend. All I can say is why in lords name did I wait so long!!! I have loaded over 1500 rounds of 45 and did the caliber conversion to 9mm last night what a breeze that was. I started out with around 50 rounds of 9mm and plan to finish out 600 more tonight. If your looking for a amazing handgun reloading system the SDB would be a front runner for sure.

    thanks Dillon

  2. by chance have you ever used a 1050 Dillon re-loader? if not would you be willing to try it. The way your vids work out its a little easier to follow than some of the other sources including the company websites. also it seems like an extra expense but Dillon, rcbs and some of the other manufacturers out there make what are called chamber molds (one of your videos shows chamber checking on a 1911) that’s nice but this tool does the same w/o the possibility of a accident. I’m not nit picking but weird things happen i almost got shot one day from a static electricity discharge from a friend holstering his 1911. and one last question that seems stupid but can you use other manufacturers dies with other manufacturers presses b/c i shoot some “odd” cartridges that aren’t offered by Dillon.

  3. Randy says:

    I would like to see how a Lee case feeder and collator would fit on a XL650. There is a youtube video on it but it does not show how it was mounted. Thanks for all the info. Great site!

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