XL650 Loading 45ACP (HD)

In this video you’ll see how to setup and load 45 ACP ammunition on a Dillon XL650 reloading press. In this video, I show how 3rd party dies (Hornady) work great on the Dillon XL650.


Click "HD" icon after playback starts to view in HD

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  1. hyper79 says:

    Bought my first progressive a SDB in 45 ACP last weekend. All I can say is why in lords name did I wait so long!!! I have loaded over 1500 rounds of 45 and did the caliber conversion to 9mm last night what a breeze that was. I started out with around 50 rounds of 9mm and plan to finish out 600 more tonight. If your looking for a amazing handgun reloading system the SDB would be a front runner for sure.

    thanks Dillon

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