iGaging 400x WiFi Microscope: Unboxing, Overview, Demo

For a long time I’ve wanted a microscope in the shop. A microscope can tell some “interesting stories” that you can’t really understand any other way. From examining tool edges, to machining finishes, to inspecting granules of gunpowder, this is a must-have tool for me! In this article I’ll give a complete overview of the new iGaging 400X Self-Broadcast Wifi Digital Microscope.

What’s In the Box

The iGaging 400X Self-Broadcast Wifi Digital Microscope comes with everything you’ll need to start using the Microscope with a phone, tablet, or PC including:

  • Microscope and base
  • Reversible platform (white/black)
  • Micro USB cable (to connect and charge camera assembly)
  • Cover
  • USB Thumb drive containing manuals/literature and PC software

My telescope has an optional upgrade: a micrometer X/Y table that allows you to precisely move the table along both X and Y directions.

Microscope Overview and Specs

iGAGING 36-LHD51-W 400X Self-Broadcast Wifi Digital Measuring Microscope

  • Professional lab grade built digital microscope with aluminum housing
  • 400X power with superiority clarity large aperture true color lens
  • Self-equipped Wifi built-in module allows user to wirelessly view the live image though an electronic device like a iPad, smart phone, or a TV.
  • USB cable connection also included
  • Modes: live stream, photo camera, video, measuring
  • Maximum resolution: 2592 x 1944 (5 MP)
  • Software interface: DirectShow

You can find more detailed specifications on the iGaging product page.

Using the Microscope (USB)

To use this Microscope via USB, all you need to do is the following:

  • Plug both cables from the microscope into the PC
  • Install the included software (MicroCapture)
  • Adjust settings as needed

At this point you can view the microscope output on your laptop or Windows tablet, capture images, and record video output.

Connecting via WiFi

Connecting to the microscope via WiFi is just about as easy as the USB connection process. Here’s the steps:

  1. Install the “UCam Plus” app on your mobile device.
  2. Switch the microscope mode switch to “WiFi”.
  3. Ensure your mobile device has WiFi turned on.
  4. Connect to the “WifiCamera_XXXXXX” access point (where X’s are numbers) using the password “12345678”.
  5. Launch the UCam Plus app and adjust settings if necessary

I’ve tried this with both my iPhone and my Android Tablet, and both have connected to the iGaging microscope without any issues. Here’s the microscope output as displayed via UCam Plus on my iPhone:

Microscope Fun

This microscope is fun, but it’s also very useful for work and research! It’s amazing what you can see with 400x magnification at your disposal. So far I’ve looked at wood, metal, moss, fingerprints, paper with writing, and a bunch of other things.

Here are some of the “work related” tasks I’ll use this microscope for:

  • Capturing gunpowder kernel characteristics (see example below)
  • Evaluating cutting tool condition (cutting edges, etc)
  • Evaluating machining finishes (from the lathe and mill)
  • Evaluating surface and finish quality for guns and other parts/tools/products being evaluated in my articles and videos

Here’s what Hodgdon Varget gunpowder looks like at 400x magnification, it’s amazing the detail you can see on each granule: (iPhone screenshot)

Here’s what some tree moss looks like viewing the microscope output on a tablet:

I’m very happy with this microscope- it produces a very clear image, has great features/options, and has worked very well in my testing so far. If you’re interested in purchasing this microscope, you can find it here.

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