Area 419 Orange Vise Maintenance and Barrel Change Jaw Kit

I previously shared a video of our “Ultimate Reloader red” Orange Vise. This time, we put it to work with the Area 419 jaw kit


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About the Area 419 Maintenance and Barrel Change Vise Jaw Kit

The Orange Bench Vise is the ultimate in precision bench vises. See our full review of it here.

Replaceable jaws are one of the highlights of this tool. Today we’re looking at the Area 419 Maintenance and Barrel Change Vise Jaw Kit

From Area 419:

Since the early days of Area 419 we have been using Orange Vise tools in our vertical and now horizontal milling centers. When we realized about a year ago they made a bench vise, we had to have one (or a few?) to go in the shop. When it showed up and was absolutely awesome, we knew one would end up in the Vault, and wanted to find ways to make it perfect for ourselves. These vises come with a 5″ CarveSmart dovetail style jaw set, which we know are meant to be modified – and we ain’t soft.

What we landed on was a jaw set that was able to:

    • Hold onto ARCALOCK (as well as standard ARCA) rails
    • Hold onto Picatinny/1913/Weaver rails
    • Hold onto 700-style (and basically all other) bolts
    • Incorporate a barrel-bushing system for swapping barrels in and out of receivers
    • All the other general vise stuff you might expect

Our barrel bushing kit comes with 4 bushing sets, as well as a storage block:

    • 1.000″
    • 1.200″
    • 1.250″
    • Universal V-Block, good for .750″ to 1.750″ barrel diameter

We suggest you have a 1/4″ and 5/32″ Hex Key that live on the bench near the vise. The 5/32″ won’t see much use, but the 1/4″ is really handy for positioning.

The Orange Bench Vise applies clamping force linearly based on the position of the handle after a workpiece is gripped:

    • 1/8 turn: 750 lbs
    • 1/4 turn: 1500 lbs
    • 3/8 turn: 2250 lbs
    • 1/2 turn: 3000 lbs (max)

The maximum force of the vise is limited by the axial load rating of the NTN thrust bearing.

Orange also offers a robust warranty on the vise.

    • LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects in materials and workmanship
    • Accidental Damage Replacement Program – email us for special pricing on replacement components at significantly reduced pricing (50% off for most components except bearings)

When combined with the incredible positional versatility of the Orange Vise, we think it’s the perfect rifle vise kit. Available now, and ONLY here at

What’s in the Box

This jaw kit is available on its own and as part of a larger package with the Orange Bench Vise. 

The jaw kit itself includes four sets of barrel change bushings (1.000”, 1.200”, 1.250”, Universal V-block for .750” to 1.750”) in a convenient storage tray and the replacement vise jaws themselves. 

Putting it to Use 

Replacing jaws on an Orange Vise is incredibly simple. Take a 5/32’’ Allen key and loosen the clamping screws. The installed jaws pop right out.

Installing Maintenance Jaws

Installation is the reverse of this process. The “maintenance” part of the Area 419 jaw kit is that they are compatible with both Picatinny and ARCA rails. This makes it easy to secure rifles. My 22 GT is a perfect use case. It has a full-length ARCA rail built into the XLR Element Chassis and a Picatinny rail atop a BAT Bumblebee action.

22 GT with XLR Element Chassis Mounted using ARCA Rail

The ARCA rail fits solidly into the top of the clamps, making it easy to mount a scope, torque a brake, or do other maintenance work. If I flip the same rifle upside down, I can use the inner clamping surfaces to secure the Picatinny rail.

This is ideal for working on a barreled action on its own or installing a trigger. In both configurations, this vise holds the rifle very securely. 

Barrel Swap

The bushings included in the vise jaw kit include a V-block (universal), 1.000”, 1.200” and 1.250”.

To demonstrate how these are used, I have an action and a few rifle barrels to swap. Both of these demo barrels are 1.250” in diameter. The bushings slide into the bottom of the Area 419 jaws and click into place with a spring-loaded ball bearing. Each bushing also clicks into the storage tray in the same fashion for good retention. 

I first decided to work with a 25 Creedmoor barrel, wrapping it in drywall tape where it will contact the bushings.

After clamping it in the vise, I added some TW-25B to the barrel threads before spinning on the Terminus Zeus action body.

It clocked relatively well by hand, but I followed up with an action wrench, socket, and torque wrench. I did have to adjust the vise clamping force as I torqued on the action, but it was very quick and easy to do.

Removing the barrel from the action followed the same steps in reverse, the vise and bushings keeping it held tight. 


Working on a Terminus Zeus Bolt with the Area 419 Jaw Kit and Orange Vise

Area 419 is known for quality, sturdy products with great attention to detail. The vise jaws are no exception, providing an incredibly useful upgrade to an already top-of-the-line system. 

Get the Gear

Orange Bench Vise

Area 419 Orange Bench Vise Maintenance and Barrel Change Package

Area 419 Orange Bench Vise Jaw Kit (Vise not included) 

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