Overview: Triebel Reamers and Gauges from Germany

Triebel Gun Tools makes high quality reamers, gauges, reloading dies and other tools. In this story, we take a look at the Triebel tools at Ultimate Reloader, and give a brief overview of the reamers and gauges offered by Triebel.


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I’ve been having a lot of fun with Triebel Gun Tools. Before diving into an overview of the reamers I have in shop, be sure to check out Triebel Gun Tools!


About Triebel Gun Tools

From the Triebel Gun Tools Website

We are a German manufacturer of high-quality chamber reamers and gauges for guns for more than 60 years. We also have high-precision reloading tools and special tools for gunsmiths. 

Triebel Guntools is a forward-looking, innovative company, staying in contact with many proof-houses, police-authorities and of course gunsmith and handgun manufacturers all over the world.

For further information please contact our english-speaking customer-service on info@triebel-guntools.de

Alsp, check out more info regarding Triebel’s History, Machinery, and Quality Control.

Triebel Reamers and Gauges by Category

Triebel makes reamers for the following types of firearms:

Triebel also makes chamber gauges for the following types of firearms:

Triebel Gun Tools at Ultimate Reloader

These reamers and gauges have been used on 2 projects that I’ve published so far. You’re going to want to check out the EVH Tribute Rifle in 6.5x47mm Lapua. This is a Benchrest rifle I built from scratch. I milled the stock, I did the bedding, and more. It was quite elaborate!

The second project was also chambered in 6.5x47mm Lapua, this time a barrel for a Uintah Precision bolt-action upper receiver:

The other project I’m really proud of is my most recent build. I just finished a 338 Lapua build which will be published soon (make sure you’re subscribed!). This was done on the heels of the 7mm PRC Freedom Rifle. I’m using the same chassis system and action.

Also, I am currently in the final planning stages of a 50 BMG. This is going to be a big, bad build based on an ELR platform. I’ll be using Triebel Reamers and gauges for this as well. Stay tuned for that!

Working with Metric Reamer Shanks

One issue you’ll run into if you have traditional English lathe tooling is the need to hold metric reamer shanks. For the more rigid tooling (like body reamers) I have employed two different setups, first I machined an adapter to adapt 12mm reamer shanks to 7/6″ holders as shown here:

In my most recent build (the 338 Lapua build) I performed in-place machining to make a rigid reamer holder for 12mm reamer shanks as seen here:

For non-rigid tooling like the freebore reamer, I use a high quality chuck in the tailstock as seen here:

Triebel Tools for Centerfire Rifles

Triebel offers the following tools for centerfire rifles: (see the Triebel product page for complete details)

  • Pre-Rougher Reamer for Riflework (very aggressive)
  • Rouger Reamer for Rifle Work (aggressive)
  • Finisher Reamer for Riflework (fine finish, final dimensions)
  • Complete Reamer for Rifle Calibers (fine finish, full profile including throat)
  • Freebore Reamer for Rifle Calibers (fine finish, throat only)

I don’t yet have all of these different tools, for the jobs I’m working on with Triebel reamers and gauges, I have the following:

Above we have (from top to bottom):

  1. Lands gauge (for checking freebore)
  2. Go and No-Go gauges (only one shown)
  3. Extra brass bushing (works on freebore or full-body reamer)
  4. Body + Neck reamer (complete chamber except throat)
  5. Freebore reamer (throat only)

If you are wanting to check out these tools, go to the Triebel Guntools Website.

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