UR Update: Win an Ultramount, Update on Jimmy

Hope everyone is having a great Summer! I’ve been busy with some awesome projects, stories, and new technologies. More on all that to come! In this update, I wanted to catch everyone up on what’s happening with Jimmy Barber (the Vietnam vet that was kicked out of a Maui restaurant over wearing an Ultimate Reloader T-Shirt), and invite you all to give me some ideas for a  chance to win an Inline Fabrication Ultramount!

An Update on Jimmy

To recap what happened to Jimmy- he was wearing an Ultimate Reloader T-Shirt, and was kicked out of a restaurant in Maui as a result (see the full story here). I reached out to the industry to see who would be interested in helping out Jimmy to show appreciation for him and how he conducted himself when booted from the restaurant, and the response has been overwhelming!

Here’s a list of Ultimate Reloader industry partners that have stepped up to the plate to show support for Jimmy:

  • Starline: 250pcs 357 SIG brass (Jimmy loves it!)
  • Inline Fabrication: Ultramounts for Jimmy’s Lyman All-American 8 Turret and LEE Loadmaster (as well as racks and accessories!)
  • Frankford Arsenal: Intellidropper and Rotary Tumbler Lite
  • KMS Squared: LEE Loadmaster Press Light
  • MEC: MEC Marksman single stage reloading press
  • Midsouth Shooters Supply: Care package
  • RCBS: Care package (working out details)

BIG THANKS to the industry for stepping up to help Jimmy! I appreciate it.

Here are some pictures of the items that Jimmy has received from UR industry partners:

This Week’s Challenge: Send Me Your Story Ideas!

Click below to send me your ideas! The winner will get an Inline Fabrication Ultramount!

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4 thoughts on “UR Update: Win an Ultramount, Update on Jimmy”

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  2. I gave you a thumbs up but the Facebook sign on came up and I no longer use Facebook. I barely ever did-lol. They invade privacy,censor,are huge activist lefties,and think they don’t have to Congressmen honestly.

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    Keep up the great work it does help when you are older.
    Bill T.

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