Vietnam Vet Kicked Out of Restaurant Because of UR Shirt: Starline to the Rescue UR Weekly Update

Bigotry and discrimination are ugly realities in this day and age. These injustices seem to be affecting lawful gun owners more and more with no sign of letup from those that hate guns. Recently, an Ultimate Reloader subscriber and follower was discriminated against in a public place, and I wanted to show my support. Here is that story:

Meet Jimmy Barber

James “Jimmy” Barber is an Ultimate Reloader subscriber/follower, and had this to say about himself:

I am disabled Vietnam Veteran.  I served in the US Navy Seabees and was in country 1970-1971.  I have heart disease from exposure to agent orange. I live in North Carolina.  I decided to start reloading because of one of your Youtube videos. I started with and still use a Lee Loadmaster.  I also have a Lyman All American turret (that you reviewed).  You are very articulate and don’t add lots of unnecessary time.  I reload .308, 30-06, 7.5 Swiss, .303 British, 6.5 Swedish Mauser, 8mm Mauser, 22-250, .223, 300 Blackout, 357 Sig, 9mm, and 45 ACP.  I wet tumble brass with a converted ice cream mixer. I truly appreciate you sharing your extensive knowledge with me and others.

Here’s a picture of Jimmy in Veitnam:

And here’s a picture of Jimmy’s reloading bench (not to be confused with Johnny’s Reloading Bench on YouTube 🙂 ):

Tolerance, Unless We Don’t Agree With You

On May 20, 2019, the following happened to Jimmy and his wife:

My wife and I are in Maui.  We were asked to leave a restaurant because I was wearing one of your t-shirts.  I did not make a scene and I was very proud to leave.

First off, that is JUST NOT RIGHT. It’s hard to believe being asked to leave a restaurant because of a subtle gun-related shirt. Jimmy responded in a very admirable manner, I’m not sure I would have kept my cool so well. Kudos to you Jimmy!

Starline Has Your Back

I talked with Starline Brass about what happened to Jimmy, and they were game to send him 250 pieces of Starline Brass of his choosing, they stand with our community and with Jimmy. THANK YOU STARLINE!

I’ll report back when I find out what Jimmy decides to get for his free brass.

We All Need to Do Our Part

Just a reminder that we all need to do our part to preserve our gun rights. I recently collaborated with The Gun Collective on YouTube to share some ideas about what we can do to preserve our gun rights. Please check out this video, and let me know if I missed anything!

I do appreciated everyone out there in the gun community that is fighting for our rights. We need to stand together! And thanks Jimmy for “representing” Ultimate Reloader!

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14 thoughts on “Vietnam Vet Kicked Out of Restaurant Because of UR Shirt: Starline to the Rescue UR Weekly Update”

  1. I’m a Vet and live in Hawaii and so sorry this crap has happened. Too many liberals with butt hurt syndrome live here now and the 2nd is under soo much fire from the left. If you ever comeback here, come to oahu and shooting and dinner on me!

  2. It would be nice to know which restaurant ask him to leave. Did I miss that? I’m not a troll. I just would like to know how you fight bigotry by leaving without at least putting the restaurant on notice – let people know so other gun owners can not frequent that restaurant.

  3. I would like to know what restaurant Mr. Baber was at. I do not want to spend money at establishments that do not support the Constitution.

  4. Way to go! And a big THANK YOU to Starline as well! Nice to see someone supporting the 2nd and our chosen way of life. Starline just earned all my brass purchase business as well! It’s the least I can do…

  5. Hateful uneducated intolerance as was exhibited by the people that dishonored this veteran is the root cause of all gun violence! It’s that simple.

  6. First of all Mr. James Barber, THANK YOU for your service & sacrifice. I for one am very PROUD of you & all the service personnel. It’s real sad , but I under stand that is the way Hawaii is. And that is why I have no interest in visiting there.
    And a Big Thanks to Starline & UR for bring this issue to light.
    Again Mr. Barber, thank you for you conduct with this very poor situation.

  7. He did the right thing when he left the restaurant in not throwing a fit or saying anything that would add to the UN-informed manger or owner. That what I wear is under the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment is part of the, US Constitution, and my right as a US citizen. I would also inform him that is his right to not like firearms and what he thinks is also under the 1st Amendment of the, US Constitution but to ask me to leave is asking for a lawsuit.

    1. It’s also their 1st Amendment Right to kick him out… I don’t believe it, and can’t find ANYWHERE that they named the place that supposedly did this.

  8. What needs to happen is we need a list of businesses that are anti-gun and treat people like this so we don’t have to go through things like this and not give them our money.

  9. As others noted yesterday, I’d like more information about what, where, when, who, why and how this all occurred. For me to conclude anything, I need that info. I have really enjoyed and learned a ton about loading from Gavin and I am also not a troll. I just try to be very careful before vilifying anyone or any establishment. So, can we get the full story please?

    Thanks and continued success with a phenomenal site!

  10. I was 17 when I enlisted and served from 9/1971 to 7/1977. Three combat tours to NVN providing Naval Gun Fire support, Plain Guarding, and mine sweeping support. Close in bluewater combat with many scary times for a teenager going from Walter Cronkite on the evening news to a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. But I persevered, got through it, and became a better man from it.

    I never got any positive recognition post service and, I didn’t really want it. We were spat upon and shamed for what we thought and believed to be doing the right thing. I just wanted to get back to normal life and forget all about the “American War” as perceived by the North Vietnamese. Not until years later did I get a little recognition for my Duty to God and Country only after the Middleast War Vets started to serve and come home, or not. Even then, I didn’t seek out recognition. It won’t be long now that we VN and Korean War vets are going to be the diminished few unlike, the WWII vets who saved the planet and mankind from the darkest evil of the 20th Century.

    At 65, I am sickened by how this once great republic of honorable men and women who unselfishly chose to Protect and Serve giving up life and limb so that others without a spine, living in total ignorance and brainwashed by hatred for all things good can have the freedom to trash the very sacrifices we made for them to do so. I am going to order one of your UR shirts today and wear it with pride and, I encourage ALL who venture upon your site to do the same.

    Thank you, Gavin, for the patronage to all of us who served, who love God and country, who live the American way of life and enjoy the freedoms we still have to exercise our rights to own and or participate in the shooting sports in all its forms.
    God Bless you and keep up all that you do.

  11. Some take their views to the extreme. Apparently they have unhinged emotions-lol.
    God bless the Bill Of Rights.

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