Hornady Lock-N-Load Iron Press Kit: Mounting and Setup

I’ll admit, I’m having a hard time being patient when it comes to getting started with the Hornady Lock-N-Load Iron Press. The arrival of this press is great in its timing: I’m just about to move from progressive loading of 6.5 Creedmoor (for the Ruger Precision Rifle) to single-stage precision reloading. This will be the perfect press for that task! Based on the feedback and questions I’ve gotten recently, I’ll compare the consistency (lots of questions about bullet seating depth consistency on the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP) between progressive presses and single stage presses.

For the mounting of this press, I’m going to try something new: an Ultramount from Inline Fabrication. I was hoping to make slight modifications to the Ultramount in order to adapt it for use with my Ultimate Reloader bench system, and that worked out just fine! Here’s a picture of the Ultramount bolted down: I can easily slide it side to side to make room for other items on my bench:


All I had to do to modify the Ultramount for my bench was to bore out the 1/4″ holes to just beyond 3/8″, and drill a second set of larger holes at 8″ on center from the first set. Easy! Once I tightened the 3/8″ nuts down, the base became incredibly solid.

Here’s a video covering the complete setup process, picking up where I left off in the Hornady Lock-N-Load Iron unboxing video:

And here’s a picture of the setup shown in the video. It went together rather well!


The only modification I’ve made since then was to rotate the Ultramount 180 degrees so that I have more of the Ultramount hanging off the front edge of the bench- 2 1/2″ to be exact. That solved the issue I had with the press lever hitting the edge of the bench.

Next up will be setting up and loading 6.5 Creedmoor on this new press! Can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Hornady Lock-N-Load Iron Press Kit: Mounting and Setup”

  1. I really enjoy your site and all the great info!

    I’d love to know where you got your bench or instructions on how to build it.


  2. Gavin,

    Super slick set-up! You said in the video that you spaced your rails 8″ apart. How far back from the front edge of the bench did you install your first rail?

    Thanks for all the great videos!

  3. Gavin,
    Great videos. I purchased an Iron press and your videos really helped with the set-up. I’m having a difficult time fine tuning the auto priming system. did you have any difficulty getting it to work properly?

  4. How do you get unused primers out of the primer drop tubes when you are switching primer types or sizes?

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