Starting to Loading Rifle, Part II: Video Walkthrough and Resources

In this article I’ll build on my last post which listed all of the items that you’ll need to start reloading rifle ammunition.

Here are some additional resources here on Ultimate Reloader that will help you get off the ground reloading:

Hornady Case Prep Center

AR-MPR Phase II: Precision Loading and Accurizing

AR-308 Precision Loading

Happy shopping and loading!


2 thoughts on “Starting to Loading Rifle, Part II: Video Walkthrough and Resources”

  1. Hi Gavin, got a question here. I’ve been reloading for many years but now I’ll be loading for the .338 Lapua, this is the first time I’ve ever used brand new brass. What is the recommended sequence as far as case trimming is concerned, trim first then resize or resize and then trim? I should add that since I’m using a bolt gun my intention was to neck size after the initial firings s the cases will bee fire formed to the chamber.

    Thanks!! Kevin in CT

    1. Kevin- you typically don’t need to size brand new brass, but many handloaders do so just for peace of mind. What brand of brass are you using?

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