AR-15 Precision Rifle Build DVD now available!

Today, I’m excited to announce that my first DVD production is available for purchase! This DVD contains the entire series of build videos from the AR-MPR project. If you are thinking about building an AR-15, this DVD will help guide you through planning and the build process.

Here’s a list of the chapters included on this DVD:

1. Planning: preparing for you build
2. Tools: AR-15 and general tools required
3. Upper Part I: ejection port cover / forward assist
4. Upper Part II: barrel / gas block / gas tube
5. Handguard Install
6. Bolt carrier group assembly/dis-assembly
7. Lower Part I: magazine catch / pivot pin
8. Lower Part II: trigger / Grip / Safety
9. Buttstock / takedown pin Install
10. Scope install

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One thought on “AR-15 Precision Rifle Build DVD now available!”

  1. Hey Gavin,

    After watching a few of your youtube videos, I’ll be ordering your DVD in March for sure. I’d order it sooner, but this month we’re doing a ‘zero spend’ February (only spending money on household expenses, utilitys and bills) so unfortunately fun money purchases are on hold until 3/1.

    I’ll be starting my AR build as soon as my S&W lower comes in next month (lay-away @ Bud’s is what allowed me to start the build!). Thanks for the build resources, they will definately come in handy!

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