AR-MPR- RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeder Overview

Phase III of the AR-MPR AR-15 rifle project is really all about “precision mass production” of the ammunition that we’re developing in Phase II (precision single stage loading). There are a couple key things that we’ll explore: first, we’ll look at progressive reloading of .223 / 5.56 ammunition. We’ll also extend our production rates by adding the RCBS rifle bullet feed kit. This is going to make for some very efficient reloading sessions! It will be interesting to compare the characteristics of the progressive loaded ammunition against the single stage loaded ammunition.

What's included with the RCBS Rifle Bullet Feed system (.22 cal shown) - Click for larger image - Images Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

So I thought it would be cool to show you all a sneak peek of the RCBS rifle bullet feed system that we’ll be using. I’m new to this piece of equipment, so I’m looking forward (as always) to setting it up, experimenting with it, and seeing how it works on progressive reloading presses. Should be a lot of fun!

Meanwhile, I’ll be posting range reports for Phase II (videos are done) that will track my progress towards “consistent 5-shot .5-.75 MOA” groups. The last couple trips to the range have been a bit challenging, and I just now discovered that I had some serious foaming bore solvent crud build-up on my muzzle crown (under the muzzle brake). Ah-ha! I’m hoping that will get me back to the kind of consistency that I was seeing at the first range trip (right before I used foaming bore solvent – not a good idea on gas guns- now I know why 🙂 ).

So stay tuned here on Ultimate Reloader- we’re going to be exploring some cool equipment scenarios, and I have another upcoming project to share that will be a lot of fun as well!


12 thoughts on “AR-MPR- RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeder Overview”

  1. I really liked the RCBS Rifle Bullet Feeder but,it would not work on my Dillon 650.I called RCBS and they told me the only way it would work on the Dillon 650 if I changed my Powder mesure to there system and I did not want to do that,so I sent it back.I hope you have more luck then I did,and o-buy the way I love the way you did you bench I think I will do the same.Thanks for all the great vids. Richard

    1. Thanks- I’ll investigate whether or not the RCBS rifle bullet feed system can be adapted to the Dillon XL-650 (if not easily, perhaps I’ll try a uniflow or Lock-N-Load powder measure with it on the XL-650…

  2. I am hoping Hornady comes out with the 22 cal adaptor for the Lock-N-Load bullet feeder. The only other problem I am having with progressive 223 loading is running extruded powder thru the powder measure. Have been using IMR 3031 and getting good groups but will not work with progressive press. Tried AA 2520 and it meters well in progressive but is real dirty in AR. Will Varget or Benchmark work in progressive powder measure? Have good reports on Varget accuracy in 223 but don’t know if it will meter well. Cannot wait to see how you do with progressive. Alex

    1. Varget meters really well in the RCBS uniflow on the RCBS Pro 2000 progressive press. It also meters pretty well in the Dillon powder measure.

  3. I was wondering if a parital bullet feed system would work on my Dillon 650. It would not be fully automatic, but a tube to drop in multiple bullets instead of one at a time might be an alternative. Comments? Thanks.

    1. In order to use this on your Dillon, you’d need to customize the feed system, or use another powder measure (such as the RCBS uniflow, case activated, or the Hornady Lock-N-Load powder measure case activated). There are also other units that are engineered to work with the Dillon. Check GSI or Mr. Bullet Feeder.

      Good luck!

  4. Does the Rifle Bullet Feeder system also allow a powder check die on the Pro 2000. All the video’s and pictures I’ve seen on the Internet doesn’t seem to include a powder check die. If that is the case, what’s the safest way to determine if one has a good charge prior to bullet insertion?

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