BAT Modular Bolt: Swap Bolt Faces in 60 Seconds

If you want to run multiple cartridges in your rifle- you’ll need multiple barrels and most likely you’ll also want multiple bolt face options. Bat Machine has come up with a great solution for the bolt face issue: their Modular Bolt System. In this story I’ll show you how it works, how it easy to swap bolt faces, and outline the tools used in the process.


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What is the Modular Bolt Assembly?

The Modular Bolt from BAT is a two-piece bolt system that’s held together with interlocking features and an internal sleeve. This translates to an affordable multi-bolt-face system with BAT Machine’s unparalleled quality and precision.

The Tools you’ll need

Firing Pin Removal Tool

The BAT Machine Firing Pin Removal Tool (shown in center of image below) is used to retract the cocking piece so that you can unlock and remove the firing pin assembly from the bolt assembly.

Modular Bolt Sleeve Removal Tool

The BAT Machine Sleeve Removal Tool (center below) is used to pull the sleeve from the inside of the modular bolt.

How to Swap Bolts

Hook the puller from the  Firing Pin Removal Tool into the hole in the cocking piece, and tighten the pull screw on the end of the tool.

Then rotate the firing pin assembly from the modular bolt.

Then insert the Sleeve Removal Tool, (until slight clicking sound is heard), tighten the thumb wheel,  and remove the Bolt Sleeve.

Disassemble the two halves of the bolt assembly by pushing sideways:

Installation is essentially the reverse of removal:

  • Interlock new front half of bolt with rear half by pushing sideways on two halves
  • Push sleeve into back of bolt assembly (does not have to be inserted fully)
  • Insert firing pin assembly into back of bolt and rotate until firing pin is inserted fully – this will push the sleeve in fully.
  • Remove the firing pin removal tool by loosening thumb screw, lifting cocking piece puller and withdrawing from back of bolt shroud

Side by side of bolt faces for 308 (left) and 223 (right):

Get your Action, back in Action!


That’s all there is to it! I’m sold on this system, and am looking forward to using it with a variety of my Bat actions!

About Bat Machine

If you want to learn more about BAT Machine, check out my factory tour:

And here’s a tour of the product lineup from BAT Machine:

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