Leupold Mark 5 Part 1: Unboxing & Bedding Rings

The made in the U.S.A. Leupold Mark 5HD has been a workhorse of a scope for us here at Ultimate Reloader. In this first part of a two part series, we’ll cover what’s in the box, features, installation, and Gavin’s experience of bedding the scope rings. In part two we’ll cover laboratory and field testing of this scope!

About the Leupold Mark 5 HD

From the Leupold Mark 5 HD Product Page:

The Mark 5HD™ 7-35x56mm riflescope gives you the extra magnification you need to take advantage of the distances that modern precision rifles can shoot. With the right glass, no target is out of reach. And with the same dimensions and only 3 more ounces than its 5-25x56mm counterpart, you don’t have to pay a weight penalty for the extra magnification.

Built around Leupold’s Professional-Grade Optical System, the Mark 5HD 7-35x offers unmatched light transmission that’s designed to outperform in the most challenging lighting conditions. Its industry leading glare reduction provides a clear image in harsh, direct light, while the resolution and clarity will meet the demands of any professional guide or shooter in the field.

Get behind the Mark 5HD and you’ll see the difference. From the superior edge-to-edge clarity and extreme low-light performance to the versatility of its multiple reticle options, this rugged scope will give you an advantage at the range or in the field. With three revolutions of elevation adjustment, the Mark 5HD was built to max out the performance of the latest long-range rifles and ammo. It’s ergonomically designed with more tactile, audible click adjustments, larger numbers, and a high-speed throw lever, so you can put accurate fire downrange faster.

Its unique combination of features, durability, and professional-grade optical performance guarantees that the Mark 5HD can handle any challenge you throw at it. It’s 100% waterproof and fogproof, and like all Leupold® riflescopes, it’s designed, machined, and assembled in the USA and guaranteed to perform for life.

SKU 174548 is a first focal plane riflescope.

Note: We’ll cover detailed specs in part 2 of this story!

What’s In the Box

The Leupold Mark 5 HD comes with the following:

  • Scope assembly
  • Sun shade
  • Scope caps front and rear
  • Windage cap
  • Allen key
  • Cleaning cloth

This is a great package, and includes everything you’ll need except rings. The fact that a sun shade is included is a great addition to complete the package.

Bedding the Scope In the Rings

Above: Completed ring bedding job with Leupold 25mm rings

Products used to bed rings:

  • Marine Tex Two Part Marine Epoxy
  • Carnauba Wax 
  • Gloves 
  • Q-tips 
  • Calming music and patience!

This is one of those projects that pays off huge as long as you take your time and do the prep for it. Don’t rush through the prep work! Also this is where the video helps out a lot. Watch the video and see what Gavin did for the prep work and epoxy amount and placement. It’s very instructional! 

The first part is finding out scope ring placement on the base and getting the scope in the proper eye relief and level position.

Once you know where the final scope is going to be positioned it’s time to get the prep done for the bedding. With the scope ring bases locked down in position the car wax is applied to the scope tube and the ring areas where you do not want the epoxy to adhere. So the front, back and threading areas. Once this is done it’s time to mix the epoxy and apply it to the ring surface areas. Apply a thin (2-3mm) even coat. 

Breath a big deep breath, it’s time to put the scope on!. Follow your placement for the eye relief and do your scope leveling. When putting the scope in the rings some epoxy will squeeze out. This is where the q-tips come in. Use them to wipe off the excess epoxy. Place the scope ring caps on and install the screws. Do not torque down, only snug them down. Wipe off the excess. It’s beverage time while you let the epoxy dry overnight. 

When you come back to the job remove the screws and ring caps and scope. Clean up the excess epoxy with a light file or emery paper. Do not sand the bedding epoxy!. Then you are ready to reinstall the scope and torque down the rings per manufacture spec. Yer done!

It can take some force to pop the scope tube free from the epoxy:


Due to excellent prep work the results were perfect. This is just one more step in a high level rifle build. Small details in the package really make a complete precision rifle.

Here’s an example of shooting results using this scope (6 Dasher rifle), 5 shots went into about 0.090″! That’s a scope we know we can trust!

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What’s Next

Thanks for looking over part 1 of the Leupold Mark 5HD. This is only the beginning for this scope. Well it’s the beginning for you readers and viewers, we have been using and abusing this scope for a while now (see stories listed above) and can tell you it’s a great scope! Soon up next in part 2 up is a lab test of the reticle, including tracking, parallax, magnification testing, detailed specifications and more . Note that these tests are done after many many rounds through various rifle calibers. Any flaws will be evident. Stay tuned and thanks for joining us in this adventure here at Ultimate Reloader!

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