TESTED: Anschutz 1710 Competition 22LR

Anschutz has a long and highly regarded track record when it comes to accurate 22LR. They have jumped into the skyrocketing market of precision 22’s with the 1710 Competition Heavy Barrel. This rifle comes in a fully adjustable XLR Chassis ready to take to an NRL22 or NRL22X match! Here we give our thoughts and test results.

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About the Anschutz 1710 Competition

From the Anschutz 1710 Competition product page:


    • Caliber: .22lr
    • System: Match 54 bolt action repeater, 5119 two-stage trigger, blued receiver with stainless steel barrel.
    • Weight: 8 lbs, 13 oz.
    • Receiver: Scope mount attachment with 11mm rail and drilled and tapped
    • Barrel Length: 20″ SS heavy barrel, no iron sight provision
    • Chamber: Optimized Match Chamber
    • Crown: Recessed Target Crown
    • Muzzle Diameter: 0.90″
    • Trigger: New 5119 Two Stage Trigger
    • Trigger Weight: Adjusted to 6.35 oz. (180g)
    • Trigger Weight Range: 4 to 7.5 oz. (110 to 215g)
    • Magazine Capacity: 10
    • Stock Style: XLR Element Chassis

Chassis Features:

    • Machined from solid 6061 T-6 billet aluminum
    • MLOK™ attachment points down both sides of forearm
    • Tactical-Lite Buttstock with LimbSaver recoil pad
    • RRS (Really Right Stuff) Spec 1.5″ Dovetail (Arca-Swiss) forearm
    • “Anschutz 10 5/8” Rail at 6 o’clock position of forend
    • Multi-point radial cut inlet eliminates the need for traditional V-Block or Glass Bedding
    • Adjustable LOP: 12″ to 15″
    • Adjustable Butt-Plate Height 1.575″
    • Adjustable Cheek Piece Height & 10 degree cant
    • User inter-changeable pistol grip
    • Weight of chassis with action screws 3 lbs 7.5oz

What’s In the Box

Here’s what’s included with the Anschutz 1710 Competition:

  • Barreled Action
  • Anschutz branded XLR Element 4.0 chassis
  • One magazine
  • Bolt
  • Harris Bipod adaptor(fits into the Anschutz rail)
  • Test target (electronic)
  • User Manual on CD
  • Trigger Lock

A Look Down the Bore

Using the Teslong NTG100H Rifle borescope we took a look at the German produced barrel. The entire  barrel was very uniform and indicative of what might come. One interesting note is the 11mm counterbore at the muzzle. 

TriggerScan Profiling the Anschutz 2-Stage Trigger

The TriggerScan gave us not surprisingly consistent graphs of the very excellent two stage trigger. This rifle has the new 5119 two stage trigger. This trigger from the factory was set at .4oz. The feel of this trigger is something you should experience. Just placing your finger on the trigger to engage the first stage you notice how smooth it is. At the second stage it is just a crisp clean break. Very satisfying.

Here’s the raw TriggerScan data: (click/tap to enlarge)

Setting Up the Rifle

After the unboxing Gavin and I installed the DIP scope rail and the Athlon Cronus 4.5x29x56mm. It has 30 Moa of adjustment in the reticle. This combo makes for a serious long range 22LR. However with this Athlon Cronos you still have the ability to focus the parallax focus down to 25 yards.

The Anschutz branded XLR chassis is very adjustable and highly customizable to the individual shooters which is an incredible asset in accurate shooting.

Performance Testing

I picked three ammunition SKUs to start with:

  • Lapua Midas+
  • SK Long Range
  • RWS R50

Here are some groups shot at 50 yards, starting with Midas + from Lapua:

And SK Long Range Match:

All shot very well but the Midas+ really shined 100 yards.

Of the three, Midas+ shot the best at .285 group at 50yds and .635 at 100yds. The combo of the 1710 and the Midas+ give a 6.5in/1.8 mil drop at 100yds.

Here’s the 100 yard group (left) shot with Midas+:

Fit and finish of the overall package is excellent. The bolt cycle is very smooth and the two stage trigger is ultra precise and consistent.

Shooting the Anschutz 1710 Competition

I was very excited to shoot this rifle and see how it performs. It did not disappoint. 

As soon as the rifle was zeroed and I started in with my first group I knew we had a seriously great rifle on hand.

50yd groups honestly were what I expected, sub moa. I have shot other Anschutz rifles and have always seen great results. What did surprise me was the results at 100yds. I feel shooting a 22lr at 100yds shows many factors. Rifle barrel accuracy and speed. It does also showcase the ammo greatly.  However at 100yds this combo of Midas+ and the Anschutz 1710 at 100yds really impressed me. ½ MOA at 100yds off a bench rest, excellent results!

Shooting the D-M targets Rimfire Pro Spinner is great fun. The goal is to shoot the paddle and cause the targets to rotate completely over in a full revolution. This requires a smooth, quick and accurate shooting. The 1710 has the smooth and quick bolt throw to allow the shooter to achieve full rev of the spinner. The D-M Targets rimfire KYL rack requires accuracy to hit that small last paddle. I find the consistent trigger really helps with this.

Closing Thoughts

Who is this gun for? The demanding shooter, the Precision 22LR competitor. This rifle can fit many needs for competitive shooters. This rifle is perfect for the NRL 22 NRLX and F-class 22 matches. It has an excellent two-stage trigger, a full ARCA railed adjustable chassis, an accurate heavy barrel, everything a competitor wants.

Well let’s just say I had a hard time putting this rifle back into the safe. What a fun rifle to shoot! Accurate results with a super clean fit and finish make for fun times, paper dots for great groups and making the DM Targets go DING!  This rifle will get shot soon in a local match, I’m sure it will perform very well.

We will soon be sending this gun to the Lapua test center in Mesa, AZ to find out what Lapua ammunition it likes the best.

Lapua ammo testing

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  1. Just got my 1710 rifle , first day out sighted it in .at 100 yds . shooting 12 plates at 300 yds . ammo was very inconstant , but still feeling it out. What is the bipod setup you have on your gun and where can I get that set up.

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