SHOT Show 2020: Interview With Steve Dillon

I’ve long wondered about the origins of Dillon Precision and Dillon Aero. While at the 2020 SHOT Show, I ran into Steve Dillon, son of Mike Dillon who started both companies. The following is the fascinating discussion I had with Steve Dillon about Mike Dillon’s legacy, the origins of Dillon Aero, how Dillon Precision came to be, what it was like to grow up in the Dillon household, and looking to the future of Dillon Precision.

I want to thank Steve Dillon for the opportunity to talk with him- he’s not one to “linger in the limelight”, but after I asked him a few times he agreed to go on camera with me (spur of the moment). I found this discussion interesting, and helpful for understanding Dillon as a company (past, present, future). It truly is inspiring to hear stories of people like Mike Dillon who succeeding at pursuing their passions and dreams, and made a living in the process. Mike also passed on  a legacy to Steve and the family- something we all should strive to do!

There’s much more Dillon Precision content coming here on Ultimate Reloader in 2020! I’ll be showing the RL-550C, the RL 1100, and the Case Prep 2000 (CP 2000). Plus a bunch of related bulk reloading/shooting stories. Now if only I had a Mini Gun to “unload” the ammo with!

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