A Discussion with Lyman CEO Rick Ranzinger

One of my absolute favorite things about my job is when I meet the people in the industry behind the products we are all familiar with. There’s always a story to hear, and things to learn. During my recent trip to Lyman headquarters, I had the privilege to get to know Lyman CEO Rick Ranzinger and to talk with him on camera. Not one to steal the spotlight, Rick agreed to an interview after I asked a couple times. Rick is a humble man, but has been a fixture and innovator in the shooting sports industry for more than 30 years. 

Here’s my interview with Rick, I hope you enjoy!

And here are some of the things I learned while talking with Rick over the course of my visit.

Heritage is Important

Above: Early shot of Lyman worker

Lyman started more than 140 years ago by innovating with gun sight products (which Lyman still makes). Since then, Lyman has been a US company bringing millions of customers products they can depend on. Over the decades, Lyman has expanded and diversified into different products and has acquired various products and brands. It’s clear that Lyman hasn’t forgotten where they have come from, but they are also looking towards the future when they think about products and how they do business.

Innovation is the Key to a Long Future

When you talk with Rick, it’s clear that his big passion is building new opportunities and new products. This includes the products that are already a part of Lyman’s family of brands, as well as new products like Mark 7 Reloading which Lyman acquired earlier in 2019. If you want to know more about Mark 7 reloading and new Lyman products- I’ll be covering them in-depth right here on Ultimate Reloader! I can’t wait to bring these stories to you all. Stay tuned!

USA Production: A Priority for Lyman

Another theme that was consistent talking with Rick was how important US production is to Lyman. Keeping materials and production in the US helps to provide jobs, prevents products from being copied, and can even reduce costs in some cases. It’s not easy, but Lyman has figured out how to make US production work for a lot of their products, and I know that’s something that’s important to a lot of Ultimate Reloader readers/viewers!

I learned a lot from talking with Rick, and look forward to working with Rick and the rest of the Lyman team in the years to come. Please join me in thanking Rick for taking the time to talk with me- it was a great experience!

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