NEW: Autotrickler V3 Post-Announcement Updates and Improvements

The Autotrickler V3 system has literally transformed how I perform load development and how I load precision ammunition. When I can dispense a powder charge accurate to 0.02 grains in 10 seconds, there’s literally no bottleneck in my precision reloading workflow. A few months ago, I made the Autotrickler V3 announcement with Adam Macdonald, and since then he’s made some great improvements to the pre-production system we demonstrated during the reveal. And in this post, I’ll go over these improvements in detail!

In Case You Missed It: Autotrickler V3 Overview

Updates Since the Announcement

All-New Powder Hopper

When I got my box of updated parts for my Autotrickler V3, I was very excited to see the all-new powder hopper that Adam designed for his system. It’s much larger than the Lee hopper it replaces. And that’s great because right now I’m loading a ton of 300 PRC and 300 Remington Ultra Magnum. With powder charges up to 100 grains, you can drain a powder measure in no time flat. Now I get quite a few loads for every fill up!

Updated Diffuser, Glass Cup

One of the big challenges in designing an automatic powder measure is to contain the powder as it drops into the cup. With a new and taller glass cup (replaces a shorter plastic one) and a new diffuser, these issues are greatly diminished. It’s now very infrequent to see a granule of powder outside of the cup!

Improved Cup Stop

Sometimes the “little things” make a big difference. That’s certainly the case with the improved and simplified cup stop that’s now included with Autotrickler V3. Instead of a ramp and “landing pad”, the cup stop is now a super-simple angled back stop. If you push the cup back towards the center of the pan, it will guide itself into the centered position every time, even without looking!

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