224 Valkyrie Remington 700 Build P7: AICS Magazine Conversion

When you go “off the script” (like building a 224 Valkyrie bolt-action rifle) you can expect some challenges. One such challenge with this kind of build is getting a reliable magazine configuration setup. A lot of guys have spent a lot of hours tinkering with magazines, springs, followers, lip geometry and more with a common goal: getting 224 Valkyrie cartridges to feed reliably. It might sound easy, but sometimes it’s harder than it looks. In this post, I’ll share a solution for anyone using AICS-style magazines in a 224 Valkyrie bolt gun.

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For reference, my rifle is a Remington 700 with KRG Bravo stock:

Here’s the process end-to-end:

What You’ll Need

If you want to do this kind of conversion, here’s what you’ll need on hand:

How-To: Step by Step

Step 1: Pry the magazine floor plate “open” with a flat blade screwdriver while pressing down against your bench, or a bench block:

Step 2: Remove magazine floor plate, plastic plug, and 308 spring/follower:

Step 3: Install rear guide from Primal Rights conversion kit:

The guide should align like this looking at the top of the magazine:

Step 4: Install the spring and follower from the Primal Rights conversion kit: (fat portion of follower goes in narrow portion of magazine)

Step 5: Re-install the floor plate (leave the black factory plug out), press against bench or bench block to click floor plate into position:

Step 6: Bend magazine lips inward until 224 Valkyrie cartridges will stay in place, but feed reliably:

The magazine lips should follow the contour of the body taper on a 224 Valkyrie cartridge. I found a gap of about 0.360″ for the front, and about 0.390″ for the rear to work well. You can use digital calipers to measure each time you make a bend. For the rear portion of the magazine lips, you may need to press against your bench or bench block in order to get the proper dimension (hard to get pliers secure for bending at the back of the lips).

Measuring the front:

Measuring the rear:

Step 7: Function Test

Loading the converted magazines is a touch tricky- the case rim will push up against the shoulder of the previously loaded cartridge, which acts like a “wall”. I’ve found it works well to depress the previously loaded cartridge deep, then to slide the cartridge being loaded into the magazine:

While these magazines can hold 12 cartridges, I have not gotten reliable feeding when loading to that capacity. These converted mags have functioned 100% however when loaded with 10 cartridges. When cycling cartridges, make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction. If your rifle has a “middle position” safety, you may want to use it here.

Success! 10-for-10.

How did I find out about this setup? It was the great guys from the 224 Valkyrie Bolt Rifles Group on Facebook! (thanks David for your writeup and details)

Have you performed a 224 Valkyrie magazine conversion? I would love to hear about your experiences, please leave a comment!

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