Winner Announcement: Precision Reloading MEC Sizemaster Giveaway

Hello everyone! The MEC Sizemaster Summer Giveaway (which you can read about HERE) has ended, and I have some exciting news: the winner of this giveaway!

Congrats Scott!

A big congratulations to the winner of this give-away: Scott Hoge of Lancaster California. Here we see Scott with his companion: Max the yellow lab :).

We all hope that you enjoy this gear for many years to come, and find it useful to craft your very own 12 gauge shells for trap shooting, hunting, and whatever else you like to do in the world of shotgunning. Here’s a picture showing some of what Scott will receive:

This package includes the following: (including items not shown in the picture)

That’s a great haul-out from this competition!

I also want to thank our sponsors for this event: Precision Reloading and MEC Shooting Sports, thanks for making this give-away happen! If you are thinking about buying shotgunning gear, please consider doing business with both of these great companies.

Stay Tuned for More Giveaways

This was so much fun, I’m looking to do giveaways more often, so please make sure you’re subscribed!

Thanks again everyone,

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