MEC 600 JR Mark V: Unboxing and Setup

It’s been a while since I’ve done a lot of shotshell reloading, and I’m feeling the “call” – so it’s officially time to kick-off a bunch of shotshell shooting ad reloading content here on Ultimate Reloader! First, up, the MEC 600 JR Mark V shotshell reloading press. In this post, I’ll cover unboxing and setup, and follow that up with reloading 20 gauge shotshells in the next post.

What’s In the Box

The MEC 600 JR Mark V is a single stage shotshell reloader that comes with everything you need to reload shotshells for a particular gauge except components like powder, primers, and hulls. Being a single stage, every pull of the lever performs one operation, and you move the hull from one stage to the next in order to complete the reloading process. Here’s what’s in the box:

From left we have:

  1. Shot reservoir
  2. Powder reservoir
  3. Press assembly
  4. Spent primer tray, powder bushings, allen key
  5. Bench mounting bolts with wing nuts (for quick attachment/removal)
  6. Priming system parts (including spring in front of primer tray)
  7. Crimp starter (two supplied for different styles)
  8. 3″ ring adapter
  9. Extra washer
  10. Instruction manual, catalog, load data (rear)

This is a very nice looking press – the red paint is deep and has a nice gloss, and there’s a quality look/feel/touch for all of the components that comprise this press setup. It’s no surprise this is the world’s best selling shotshell reloader. I can’t wait to put this press to use!

Mounting the Press

By default, all you need to do is drill holes in  your bench, place the press over the holes, pass the included bolts through, and then secure the bolts with the included wing nuts. Everything that goes on during reloading is above the bench top, so you have lots of flexibility with how you mount the press.

Since I have the Inline Fabrication Ultramount system with quick change, I obtained a quick change plate (#53) and in just a few minutes had the press mounted to the plate, and the plate installed with the press on a Micro Ultramount.

Above we see from left:

  1. Inline Fabrication Micro Ultramount with quick change (using Ultimate Reloader hold-down clamps for the Ultimate Reloader bench system, details coming soon!)
  2. MEC 600 JR Mark V press
  3. Inline Fabrication #53 quick change top plate

Ready To Roll

Now that I have the press mounted, it’s time to think about 20 gauge shotshell loads! I’ll be covering the entire reloading process using the MEC 600 JR Mark V in detail in the next blog post, so make sure you’re subscribed! Have a favorite 20 gauge load? Please share! (and include what hull and wad you’re using).


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