2012 is here! What are your reloading plans this year?

Well, 2012 is upon us! 2011 was a great year, but now it’s time to start thinking about the year to come. Traditionally, this would be the time to make plans and goals for the new year (we all know the follow-through rate on those plans 🙂 ). Even if many of the new-years goals do not get met, it’s still helpful to think about what you want to accomplish in the next year.

Regarding reloading- what are your goals? For me- I would like to reload more and shoot more (simple, I know). In addition to that, I plan to take on and complete new projects (45 ACP loading guide eBook, etc). I’m excited to see what happens in 2012.What I like about shooting sports, and specifically reloading is that there are so many different aspects of the sport/skill to explore and learn.

There are so many things that I have not yet covered on Ultimate Reloader including:

  • Shotshell reloading
  • Bullet casting
  • Competition reloading
  • Additional presses and products

The list goes on! Plenty of things to blog/video/write about! That will keep me thinking for a while…

So what are you guys planning?


23 thoughts on “2012 is here! What are your reloading plans this year?”

  1. I plan on finally loading up the 500 185gxp Hornady XTPs that I have sitting on my shelf, thanks to Hornady. Also, getting a bunch of .40 loaded up for the new G23, getting a few thousand rounds of. 223 done, and finally get a pet load worked up for the .243. Equipment-wise I think I got my setup where I want/need it, so now it is time to crank out some rounds!

  2. Planning a new load for an elk hunt this fall (270 WSM). Plus overall, plan to do a lot more shooting and consequnetly more reloading (9 mm). Really looking forward to doing so. Reloading has always had a medicinal benefit for me as well as saving a buck or two.

  3. I plan on finishing my 9mm stockpile to 5,000 rounds for the shooting season, and start loading 45 Colt so I can enjoy my Cowboy pistol more.

  4. I’d be interested in your series on competition reloading. Most of my reloading goes toward handgun competitions. Specifically, steel shoots, such as the Sanctioned Steel Challenge match they hold every 3 months out at the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club.

    With competitions, it seems, controlling recoil is one of the keys to being able to throw tons of lead downrange quickly and accurately. The choice of press has to be able to load tons of ammo quickly to facilitate monthly competitions.

    I’ve really enjoyed this site, Gavin, and it was instrumental in helping me choose the progressive press I now have. Your new online magazine is cool too. If you ever want to cover competitions in NW Gun, the two I enjoy the most are the steel shoots at Kitsap (2nd Saturday @10:00) and at Paul Bunyan Sportmen’s Club in Puyallup (3rd Sunday at 10:00).

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Continue to develop a load for my new Remington R25 .308. I have not found a whole lot of data for this particular rifle so I pieced together what info. I could and came up with a combination Varget powder and Hornady 165 gr. SST bullet.
    Also will be re-developing loads for my .357 and .44 magnum trying the new powders and bullets now on the market.

  6. For 2012 I want to start reloading shotshells and start shooting trap this spring. I have my grandfathers MEC he used when he was really big into trap shooting. Also I want to start casting my own 30 cal and 45 bullets. I have had the equipment just sitting around for about 4 months now but never made the time to start the process and learn. My overall goal for the year is to reload more and start competing in rifle, pistol, and trap or skeet shoots in my area.

  7. Well, whereas my grown kids think I’m an ammo factory, I guess I’ll have to replenish their stock of .223 and 7.62 x 39 plus my own .41 mag. Speak nothing of the 9mm, 40, 38/.357. I’ve got 4 presses that keep pretty busy so I’d better get on it.

    I, too, enjoy your stuff Gavin. Keep up the good work.

  8. Bullet Casting: 9mm & possible .40
    Competition Reloading: 9mm & possible .40 S&W
    Additional Presses: Test Dillon’s 550 ?

    Determine accurate loads for 9mm with plated & JHP/JRN’s

    and at what distances they are sufficiently accurate to.

    Also plan on developing loads for & reloading: .223/5.56 to PF Req’d. for various Monthly Matches. Same for .30 M1 Carbine.

    Chrono Work for all above…….

  9. I plan on spending the whole year trying to make my LNL-ap work consistantly. Still can’t figure out how to use the PTX bell my cases or throw powder loads consistantly.

    1. Hey Jimbo- regarding the PTX expander, do you have the bracket that limits drum movement? That makes setup a lot easier. Regarding consistent charges – which drum are you using? (pistol or rifle)

      1. I don’t have the bracket yet but will order it.

        I’m using the pistol drum and can’t get my powder to less than .2 grain with bullseye. I thought that would be the simplest powder to start with.

        I’ve loaded for years with a 550b and never had these problems with the dillon.

          1. Thanks for the link. I think I can set it up now.

            I had gone back to a dedicated expander but then I lost my powder check station. This should solve the issues.

  10. I just started shotshell reloading again after a long layoff.
    Also want to try casting rifle bullets. Just started casting pistol bullets last year.

  11. Hi Gavin,

    I’m fairly new to reloading. I have a “pile” of used brass in my favorite calibers that I plan to clean, inspect, and reload. I generally stick to the mid range for practice, lower for economy.

    One thing I’d like to understand is why I have so many primers that fail? I’ve changed my storage in the last week. Putting the entire stock in an airtight container with a desiccant.

    I would appreciate any comment you may offer on this problem. For example, I had one round of 50 in 380. Out of the 50 there were 10 that failed. They all have nice dimples from the pin impact. The pistol is a PPK.


  12. Santa bought me a Lee LoadMaster. Not having ever reloaded before, I guess the question is, “Now what?”. I’ve begun to piece together the basic tools to start, but what would be helpful is to see Gavin’s recomendations as to what the beginner reloaders needs OTHER than the press. I am loading 45 ACP exclusively for now.

    Thanks’ and keep up the great job!

  13. I plan on replacing my older single stage type press with either a Dillon or the LNL-AP.
    I got a new 45LC mold for casting bullets for the Henry. Now I need to figure out how to pay for this press.

  14. Hi Gavin,
    Regarding 2012, I’m looking forward to your new posts on 45 ACP reloading Guide Book. You
    have made reloading alot of fun for my son’s and I this past year. Please keep up the “Great Work”.



  15. For 2012 I intend to finally start reloading. Picked up the Hornady Classic kit a few weeks ago, have about 2500 .223 cases on hand and am reacy to dive in.

    1. Santa brought me the same set-up and I too and just starting out. Lots to learn…taking a class at the loacl Sportsman Warehouse to get a little more confidence. Enjoy!!

  16. Kiss !

    Buy needed supplies IE: 1k-1500 .308 bullets for 308 and 300 win (175sra or 178hdy)
    Bullets for 223, 52 gr sra 1000 and 1k 55 gr fmj or 2 k dogtown bullets from midway
    Powder: R-22 2 lbs, 2 lbs varget, 8 lbs 846 from wiedners, 5lbs blue dot for ,38-40 and 357 , 9mm
    and .45 . Primmers: 3 K each. Dillon press does’nt need any parts or assy, RCBS press is almost bullet proof .
    Pretty much standardizing componets Come on tax return ! 🙂

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