NWGUN: Plastic Santa -vs- Explosive Target

My brother-in-law Aaron was recently the victim of a drive-by yard dumping prank. A giant well-aged plastic yard Santa was dumped in his front yard. This occurrence transpired shortly before a trip to the woods shooting with friends. It didn’t take too much creative thought to decide that dear old Santa needed to come along for the ride.

Initially, the thought was just to shoot plastic Santa. After additional pondering, we decided that it would make more sense to make a proper display of plastic Santa’s last moments here on earth. Since we had some explosive targets on-hand, we started work on Santa – giving him some open-heart surgery, kind of like putting a giant pacemaker inside him. This pacemaker would only yield a single impulse however. Would it be safe? Would plastic Santa survive? We could only find out by shooting plastic Santa with a rifle.

Things turned out bad for plastic Santa. He did not survive the test. He did however fill all of the nearby shooters with joy and hapiness – a fitting display during the upcoming holiday season. Plastic Santa lived life to the fullest, and we all agreed that he would have wanted to “go out with a bang” – and that’s exactly what he did. 🙂

After the incident, there wasn’t much left of Santa. Many who knew plastic Santa best said that he wanted his remains scattered. We’re happy that things turned out as they did.

If you want to see the video, please check out the post over on NWGUN.com!

Happy shooting to all,

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