AR-MPR: Phase II – Magpul PRS Stock and XTM Rail Panels Install

Magpul PRS Stock Installed on AR-MPR Rifle - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader

One of the important aspects of a precision rifle is the overall rigidity of the entire rifle – the action, barrel, stock, and other components – the entire unit must be solid in order to shoot with maximum precision. The AR-MPR rifle was initially put together with an M4-Style 6 position collapsible stock. This imposed a couple challenges when shooting off the bench – first, it is a bit wobbly, and second- the rear bottom profile did not seat and move well in the rear bag rest.

So- it was time for an upgrade! Perhaps the ultimate buttstock for this application is the Magpul PRS precision adjustable stock. It is solid like an A2 fixed buttstock, is adjustable (length of pull and cheek pad), and has a long and flat bottom profile that is ideally suited for shooting off the bench rest. In the video below, we’ll take a look at the process of upgrading to the Magpul PRS stock including removal of the collapsible buttstock, and installation of the PRS stock. We’ll also install some Magpul XTM rail panels.

Stay tuned for a range report!


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