AR-MPR: Phase II Hornady Equipment Overview

In my last post, I gave an overview of some of the Redding equipment that we’ll be showcasing during Phase II of the AR-MPR project. I this post, I’ll cover some Hornady equipment that will also be used for this precision loading phase of the AR-MPR project. We’ll cover more Hornady gear (such as the Lock-N-Load AP press) in Phase III as well.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Comparator


The Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Comparator Kit (does not include calipers) - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader


I use this kit all the time when doing precision loading in order to calculate the seating depth for bullets. We’ll use this kit to dial in COL, validate consistency in COL, and also measure cartridge headspace for sizing die setup optimization.You’ve seen some of these tools used in existing videos, and in these posts (Phase II) we’ll cover how they are used when loading precision .223 ammunition for AR-15 rifles.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge

I’ve been wanting a powder dispenser for a long time, and now we’re going to get up and personal with the new Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge. We’ll be using this unit as an all-purpose scale, and to dispense powder loads.


Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader


It will be interesting to see this tool in action, and so far it looks to be a nice quality unit with good features. We may even use this in conjunction with a bench powder measure to perform optimized tricking (quick dump with auto-trickle). More on that to follow.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Concentricity Tool


Hornady Lock-N-Load Concentricity Tool - Image Copyright 2011 Ultimate Reloader


I’ve also had my eye on various concentricity measurement tools for a while now. What I didn’t realize about this unit (until I tried it out) is that it both measures concentricity and allows you to dial in bullet concentricity by means of a screw mounted to the carriage. It also comes with a really nice looking dial indicator.

This is just a sneak peek at some of the Hornady equipment we’ll be using and showing! The Hornady Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center has been augmented with a small rifle primer pocket reaming/chamfering tool- so that will come in handy too! (Rifle loading is always about case prep- right?).

We’re about to get started precision loading, so please stick around!




2 thoughts on “AR-MPR: Phase II Hornady Equipment Overview”

  1. Are you saying you can set a desired concentricity to the gauge/tool and it will correct eccentric bullets?

  2. Gavin,

    I see you are using the Hornady lock-n-load powder dispenser. Have you used the RCBS Chargemaster 1500 and if so if the difference in price justified?


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