3 thoughts on “2400 Case Trimmer – Pistol Trimming (HD)”

  1. Outstanding video series. Appreciate the quality video, focused & efficient approach and guidance on some of the more tedious parts of reloading consistent ammunition. Have to add my name to your list for requesting Reloading stand plans. Your methods (and the tools you use or have built yourself) make this a uniquely awesome series – Well Done, Keep Up the Great Work!

  2. Are the cutter head extensions caliber specific or is it a sincle item that comes with the Redding 2400. The vendor sales information does not mention this part being included. I load .38 special, .44 mag., and .380 acp and load 40 and 45 acp for my son. Tell me what I need to buy so that I can trim both rifle and hand gun ammunition. Love all your hard work and videos.

    1. Hello! Nice video! This cutter extension head is exactly what I need. But haven’t seen this at Reddings website (nor at midwayusa). Who is the manufacturer? Or, another way, if you could be so kind to tell me the exact thread of screw, I’ll try to manufacture it by myself (this would be my preferred way, bcause I’m living in Germany and not all spare parts are here available).
      Thanks and greetings from Germany, Peter.

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