EZ-Ject Kit Install Part II (HD)

This second video in a two part video series gives an overview of the EZ-Ject upgrade kit for the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive reloading press and demonstrates how to install the kit.

I found that this kit installs with little trouble, and I’m impressed that Hornady even includes a special tool for the primer tool removal/replacement so that you can easily perform this conversion on the Lock-N-Load AP progressive reloading press. This system really works well!

4 thoughts on “EZ-Ject Kit Install Part II (HD)”

  1. I imagine you’ve been notified already by other viewers of this video but figured I’d leave a note just in case you haven’t. You are calling the case feed slider a primer slider and the ram sub-plate as the shell plate. Not a big deal since most viewers know what these parts are called but some novices may be confused.

  2. Hi Gavin,

    Great videos first off, I am just getting into reloading I have acquired so much information from your site.
    I purchased a Hornady LNL and am doing relatively well with it, but I have two problems.

    First, the EZ-Ject is having a hard time ejecting with different typed of brass. Any thoughts?

    Second, how do you know the proper seating depth of the bullet? I resorted to using a micrometer and matched the depth with some new ammo that I purchased.

    Again thanks for all the information provided already,


    1. Jonathan- Make sure the rims of your brass aren’t nicked up, that can cause trouble with EZ-Ject. What caliber are you having problems with?

      For seating depth- what cartridge?


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