EZ-Ject Kit Install Part I (HD)

This first video in a two part video series gives an overview of the EZ-Ject upgrade kit for the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive reloading press and demonstrates how to install the kit.

In the second video, you’ll see what additional steps are necessary to complete this job on your Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive reloading press.

3 thoughts on “EZ-Ject Kit Install Part I (HD)”

  1. Love your site. I have a Hornady Lock n Load AP EZ Eject kit on order. I saw part 1 of your installation video but can’t locate part 2. Can you send me a link or tell me where it is on the site?
    Do you still sell the handle kit and bullet tray kit? What a great pair of ideas.


  2. Mine jams up . Afraid to use it.. Live rounds come across the ez-ject boss and hit the primer and jam so tight againest the shell plate, that i looseing up the shell plate to get the live round out. Scary!! Shell plate #30 and Rem 44 mag Will not e-ject. Tried other shells same problem. Lots of money for this machine, hope there is a solution to this problem.

  3. Great videos! I have a broken drive hub and can figure out how to remove it from the drive shaft. I see on your video it looked like the hub was barely on. I can see a small pin between the drive shaft and hub but have no idea on how to remove it. Any help would be much appreciated.

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