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Dillon XL-650 owners: check out the free caliber conversion webpage

Pulling your hair out trying to figure out what parts you need to piece together your own caliber conversion kit for a Dillon progressive? This can be frustrating when you want to add another caliber capability to your reloading room, but don’t know exactly what parts you already may have!

Sean Newton took the time to write this helpful app (webpage) for GunWiki.net:

Caliber Conversion Finder

You can enter which conversion kits you have, don’t have, and want, and it’ll figure out what pieces and parts you need.

Now that’s helpful! It’s always nice when someone from the community steps up to provide a free resource like this! If you’ve pulled your own hair out, it’s nice to help others not have to repeat your experience. :)

Do you have cool online reloading tools/resources to share? Please drop a comment!


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4 Responses to “Dillon XL-650 owners: check out the free caliber conversion webpage”

  1. Charlie says:

    Sean sure put a lot of work and effort into that project. Just want to say thanks a lot as that is one very good resorce. A tip of my hat to him as well.

  2. Sean Newton says:

    Aww, thanks guys. The one reward which would make me happiest is if folks were to submit custom caliber conversions (preferably information from Dillon) as additional data for the system. It seems that Dillon has a habit of helping customers work up conversions for oddball cartridges, but then never bothering to publish the data. I’ve written them in the past asking for a “notebook dump”, but never received a response. I’m pretty confident that the 650, in particular, is capable of a whole lot more conversions than their chart gives it credit for. Maybe not quite as many as the 550, but certainly closer to the 550’s chart than it is now.

  3. Eric says:

    Hey Sean,

    I’m a brand new Dillon XL-650 owner (Thanks to you Gavin!) and I want to thank you for assembling the caliber conversion information on your website to help simplify the process of buying parts rather than conversion kits. I’m wondering if it’s the cheaper route to go with the complete kits rather than buying the individual parts or vice versa?


  4. Sean Newton says:

    Eric, unfortunately the answer is “It depends”.

    Brian Enos’s rule of thumb is that if you have to buy a shellplate, you may as well buy the full conversion kit. That having been said, you can get tricky with WHICH caliber conversion kit you buy. When you click a shellplate in the conversion app, it will tell you which other calibers it’s useful in. Go ahead and look at those conversions, see which parts they come with, and figure out if there’s a different conversion kit you could buy that’ll benefit you more.

    Just as an example, I recently bought a 303 British conversion for my XL-650. I barely ever shoot that caliber, but the assortment of parts in the 303 British kit actually gave me everything I needed for three OTHER calibers which I care more about. If I’d just bought the one caliber I cared about the most, I’d have still had to buy some small pieces for the other calibers.

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