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Frankenlöder – 9mm with Hornady-RCBS Bullet Feeder Setup on Dillon XL-650 – Part III

In this third installment of the Frankenlöder 9mm Dillon+Hornady+RCBS series, we’ll build on what we talked about in the first post and second post. We’ve seen what it takes to setup the Dillon XL-650 with Hornady 9mm dies, and also modified the drop tube from the RCBS Pistol Bullet Feed kit in order to get […]

Introducing Frankenlöder – Macabre Combinations of Reloading Gear

One of the fun things about working with different types of reloading gear is experimenting with different combinations of equipment. Some times reloading dies from one press work in another press – sometimes they don’t! I’ve had several reader requests along the lines of “will this powder measure work on that press” and many variations […]

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