Introducing Frankenlöder – Macabre Combinations of Reloading Gear

One of the fun things about working with different types of reloading gear is experimenting with different combinations of equipment. Some times reloading dies from one press work in another press – sometimes they don’t! I’ve had several reader requests along the lines of “will this powder measure work on that press” and many variations of these types of “reloading gear permutations”.

Well, I’ve decided to make this a new category of post on Ultimate Reloader! I’ve already shown different combinations of reloading dies, bullet feeders, powder measures, and other equipment working together, and I thought this would be a great “regular feature”.

To get things started, let’s take a look at the RCBS Pistol Bullet Feeder on different presses!

First, we have the RCBS Pistol Bullet Feeder on the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP:

Next, we have the RCBS Pistol Bullet Feeder on the Lee Loadmaster:

Finally, we have the RCBS Pistol Bullet Feeder on the Dillon XL-650:

I think this is a good starting point 🙂 Do you have ideas for future Frankenlöder features? Please leave a comment to suggest your combination!



9 thoughts on “Introducing Frankenlöder – Macabre Combinations of Reloading Gear”

  1. Hey Gavin,

    Excellent idea with mixing different manufacturer’s components! I’ve been following your website for quite awhile now and would really like to see a write-up on Dillon’s Super 1050 with your favorite accessories; bullet feeder, case feeder, etc., maybe representing a heavy-duty “Ultimate Reloader” machine for the serious reloader.

    Thanks again Gavin for all of your hard work, the quality of your website (videos and testing) really add to the pleasure of reloading in general and gives the beginning reloader some great options to expand their passion for reloading in the future!


    1. I think you mean the reloader with deep pockets or a big credit limit! The 1050 is an awesome machine, but wow…the press alone is nearly $1700

  2. Gavin,

    Excellent idea. Here’s one…cheaper case feeder for the LnL…use Lee case feeder set up…if it worked ok i’d buy a Gavin-made gizmo for the interface just like I just bought your handle and bullet bucket brace for the LNL.

  3. How about a Dillon casefeeder on a Hornady LnL AP? I keep hearing how great (and less expensive) the Dillon casefeeder is relative to the Hornady casefeeder. I’d like to know if it’s possible, and if so, what modifications, if any, are required.

  4. How about mating a hornaday bullet feeder to a Lee bullet feed kit, and slapping that on an XL650? I’ve already seen one video of a Lee bullet seater on an XL650, but adding a bullet feeder would really rock the numbers.

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