Annealing Made Perfect: The Story, Shot Show 2023

This SHOT Show, I had the chance to speak with both Matt and Alex Findlay of Annealing Made Perfect. Their story is absolutely fascinating. 


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Making Perfect 

It’s rare that people really think about the people and process behind a product. Father and son Alex and Matt Findlay set out to solve a seemingly impossible problem and founded a successful and groundbreaking business in the process. 

Alex has always been a shooter and reloader, while his son Matt was an engineer in New Zealand. They put their knowledge together and started AMP in 2012. At the time, annealing was sort of a “dark art” and most didn’t anneal at all due to its complexity. Alex explains that annealing is important because brass hardens as it is reloaded, sized, and shot. As a result, it springs back out of the die when it is resized. To compensate for incorrect sizing, people have generally had to adjust their dies to oversize their brass. 

While Alex relayed their story to me in person at SHOT Show 2023, you can read it in detail in Making Perfect. Alex noted that he wrote the book in answer to the significant number of times he’s been asked, “How did you do it?” I’ve done a full story on it as well. 

We’ve also featured Annealing Made Perfect’s AMP Mark II Annealer and the AMP Press.

These two products work in tandem, the AMP Press validating the output of the AMP Mark II Annealer. 

Get the Gear

Read the full story on your own! 

Making Perfect by Alex Findlay is available for $39.90 from AMP Annealing. 

You can also find the AMP Press and AMP Mark II on their site as well. 

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