Primal Rights Competition Primer Seater Update

You’ve seen it before, but did it’s better! We’ve been using the Primal Rights Competition Primer Seater for a few years now. In this story, we take a look at some new additions to the system!


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About the Competition Primer Seater

We call this the “Ultimate Priming System” – we love that word, ULTIMATE!

This is our go to for seating primers. A few years ago we covered this Primer System in depth. Here is that original video:

Let’s rehash a few of the features:

  • Adjust seating depth at .01 increments
  • Switch between large and small primers quickly
  • The system comes with the slider and rod for large and small
  • Precision static depth control

However, we do a TON of priming, so we’ve got 1 of each! We’ve heard about these Primer systems staying rock solid up to 1,000,000 cycles!

New Primer Tubes for the Competition Primer Seater

Primal Rights just partnered with DAA on these tubes!

  • Color coded  for large and small primers
  • 8mm
  • Enhanced Tips

If you want to check out DAA’s tubes in depth, check out the DAA Primer handling video. These tubes work with all of this equipment!

Get the Gear

Primal Rights Competition Primer Seater

Primal Rights Tubes

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