SHOT Show 2020: Starline Brass

It’s always great to talk with the team at Starline Brass. The person I talk with most related to Starline Brass technical issues is Hunter Pilant, one of the engineers at Starline. Here’s the discussion I had with Hunter at the 2020 Shot show!

Starline New Products

This last year Starline has released some great new brass products:

Starline 30-06 Brass

Yes- you asked for it, and Starline now makes it!

Here’s my video covering Starline 30-06 (click HERE for the full article)

If you want to buy Starline 30-06 you can do so by clicking here:

350 Legend Brass from Starline

350 Legend is all-new for 2019, and Starline has jumped onboard with their own 350 Legend brass available now! I recently ran a story covering 350 Legend, and will have more information and stories coming up shortly! Here’s my CMMG 350 Legend rifle review video: (see full story HERE)

Looking for Starline 350 Legend? Get it HERE.

7.65 French Long Brass from Starline

If you have .30 Pedersen/7.65 French Long reloading to do- your search for brass is OVER! Starline now offers this brass brand new in the bag!

Looking for Starline 7.65 French Long? Get it HERE.

Starline .50 Beowulf Brass is now Designated 12.7x42mm

What was formerly stamped .50 Beowulf now carries the designation “12.7x42mm”. Same great brass with a different name!

Looking for Starline 12.7x42mm/.50 Beowulf brass? Get it HERE.

Upcoming Starline Features on Ultimate Reloader

I’ve got more Starline features coming up here on Ultimate Reloader including 6mm Creedmoor, and a bunch of pistol-related loading content, make sure you’re subscribed!


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