SHOT Show 2020: Uintah Precision

One of the highlights for me at the 2020 SHOT Show was hanging out with the Uintah Precision team, and Logan from West Desert Shooter! During my booth visit, I got to hear about the latest Uintah Precision products including updated bolt-action uppers, and even complete rifles!

UPR-10 and UPR-15

Uintah Precision uppers transform your AR-15 or AR-10 from a semi-automatic rifle to a precision bolt action rifle! These uppers use the same magazines and entire lower assembly (with or without the buffer and spring), and can be installed in less than a minute! I’ve had great results (sub 1/2 MOA) with both the UPR-10 (for the AR-10 platform), and the UPR-15 (for the AR-15 platform).

Check out my UPR-10 story to see these Uintah Precision components in action!

Bolt Action AR-10: Uintah Precision UPR-10 in 6.5 Creedmoor

Complete Rifles from Uintah Precision

What’s better than 1/2 of a rifle? A complete rifle! And that’s what Uintah Precision showed at the 2020 SHOT Show! Not only is Uintah Precision introducing complete rifles, but they have also re-designed the upper receivers for the UPR-10 and UPR-15 to match the updated lines and design of the complete rifles. Stay tuned, because I’ll have more information about these rifles as I learn more!

If you are interested in Uintah Precision products, visit these links:

Uintah Precision UPR-15

Uintah Precision UPR-10

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