UR Update: Win Lyman 68pc Gunsmithing Tool Set and Hornady OAL Gauge Set

Time for another Ultimate Reloader Update! Fall is here, and I hope everyone is having a great time outdoors (and perhaps getting ready for Fall big game hunting: I know I am!). We’ve got some great things that you can win this week, check it out!

Winner from Last Challenge

The Last Challenge involved some very cool giveaway gear: A Caldwell HydroSled, and an Inline Fabrication Ultramount! Check it out:

Congrats to Matt Price, winner of last week’s challenge! Here’s what Matt shared:

Touching! Thanks Matt for sharing, and I know you’ll enjoy the Ultramount and HydroSled!

New Challenge

This time we have a Lyman 68 Piece gunsmithing set *AND* a Hornady OAL Gauge with free modified case on the prize table!

Here’s some information about the Lyman 68 piece gunsmithing tool set (full story HERE)

Enter here:

Good luck everyone, and don’t miss out on Ultimate Reloader updates, make sure you’re subscribed!



2 thoughts on “UR Update: Win Lyman 68pc Gunsmithing Tool Set and Hornady OAL Gauge Set”

  1. I bought two 325wsm rifles that pushed me into reloading. I watched many of your videos to figure out what the heck I had to do.lol Thanks for all the help. Of course there were other sites,books,forums,videos, etc. But in the beginning your videos helped me to distinguish between various products and reloading methods(and still do).To answer the question more directly, I take my time with case prep for uniformity of case length(thanks to your wilson trimmer video) , I measure charges to be consistent, and achieve consistent neck tension by annealing. Accurate case neck measurements(diametrical) and some neck turning helps on some brass. Again your videos helped me through
    a lot of those phases. You’ve been very helpful indeed and can’t thank you enough.

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