NEW From Starline: New Cartridges and All-New Website

If you’re a fan of Starline, I’ve got some exciting updates to share with you! An all-new website, updates to brass offerings, and new cartridges added to the Starline brass lineup! Check it out:

All-New Website

Starline just launched a complete redesign of their website that’s better looking, easier to navigate, easier to shop on, and easier to check out with!

Click here to visit:

NEW! 350 Legend Brass from Starline

350 Legend is all-new for 2019, and Starline has jumped onboard with their own 350 Legend brass available now! I recently ran a story covering 350 Legend, and will have more information and stories coming up shortly! Here’s my CMMG 350 Legend rifle review video: (see full story HERE)

Looking for Starline 350 Legend? Get it HERE.

NEW! 7.65 French Long Brass from Starline

If you have .30 Pedersen/7.65 French Long reloading to do- your search for brass is OVER! Starline now offers this brass brand new in the bag!

Looking for Starline 7.65 French Long? Get it HERE.

Starline .50 Beowulf Brass is now Designated 12.7x42mm

What was formerly stamped .50 Beowulf now carries the designation “12.7x42mm”. Same great brass with a different name!

Looking for Starline 12.7x42mm/.50 Beowulf brass? Get it HERE.

That’s it for now- I’ll keep you all posted on updates from Starline, so make sure you’re subscribed!


One thought on “NEW From Starline: New Cartridges and All-New Website”

  1. Hi Gavin, I see that Starline is offering .44 Automag brass. I just may have to try my hand at reloading for that old beast!

    When I first got my Automag the only factory ammo available was from CDM and it had hollow point bullets that were so heavily jacketed I doubt they’d have expanded at all. Whatever powder they were using at the time looked very similar to 2400 and it did not burn cleanly.

    As a matter of fact it was like a sandstorm in my face with each pull of the trigger. 🙂

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