10% OFF AMP Mark II Brass Annealer, 3 days only!

Annealing Made Perfect makes a GREAT brass annealing machine: the AMP Mark II. Until now, Annealing Made Perfect sold to the US market only through retailing partners. Now you can buy direct from Annealing Made Perfect in the US, and to celebrate, I worked with the team at Annealing Made Perfect to offer the biggest discount to date: 10% off your entire order (AMP Mark II and pilots are eligible for discount). Here’s the details:

How To Get the Discount

If you want to take advantage of this deal, it’s simple:

  1. To to https://www.ampannealing.com/distributors/
  2. Click on AMP USA under “Direct From Us” (Offer is only valid when purchasing direct from AMP)
  3. Add items to your cart (AMP Mark II and any pilots are eligible for discount)
  4. Enter “ULTIMATEAMP” at checkout under “Promotion Code” (see below)

That’s it! You can save 10%!

In case you missed it, here’s my unboxing/overview/setup/annealing video:

You can read the full article HERE.

Don’t Wait: 3 Days only

If you want an AMP machine and you live the US, now is the time! In three days this deal will be GONE. Happy shopping!

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5 thoughts on “10% OFF AMP Mark II Brass Annealer, 3 days only!”

    1. If you look at the discount code screenshot in the post (click/tap to enlarge) you’ll see the before and after discount price…

  1. Thanks for hooking us up with this offer. Just placed an order after being on the fence over the cost but great device.

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