Weekly Update: Win Hornady Pistol Dies and iGaging Calipers

I have been flat-out busy this week getting ready for some killer content here on Ultimate Reloader! A big part of this time investment has been to arrange details and implement test systems for the “14 single stage press shootout” that will now be moved to March 2019. Sorry- was hoping to have published in February, but I’ve been adding cool stuff to this story! And now, on to this week”s update!

Last Week’s Winner: Share Your Pistol Shooting/Reloading Story

Last week, our challenge was to “share your pistol shooting and reloading story”. Pretty much open ended, and we had a LOT of great stories shared on the Facebook Post for a chance to win a Lyman Cyclone tumbler *and* a KMS Squared press light.

It was hard to choose, but the winner was clear! This week it was a story submitted by email by Dana R Camp of Oriskany Falls NY!

Here’s David’s story:

Dear Gavin, I hope I don’t overload your e-mail site but I’m honoring your request for lots of pictures. My story is probably going to be a bit different, than the others you read, but here it goes. I’ve reloaded since I was 17 years old, I’m now 62. Reloading has been part of my life and I love it. In 2014 I was challenged by my love for shooting after being diagnosed with cancer. In order to save my life my left leg was amputated above the knee. For months I couldn’t use a prosthetic because the swelling was to intense. This completely turned my pistol shooting upside down. I couldn’t keep my form, and I couldn’t lean my upper body like I used to. Eventually I modified my position because I was never going to give up my sport, shooting. After multiple trips to my doctor I was cancer free for four years, however, last September I was diagnosed again with cancer and this time it’s inoperative. So I’ve been on chemo since the beginning of December 2018.

The first thing I turned to, was my reloading bench. It took awhile to adjust to the chemo so I had to be very careful with powder measurements and adjustments of bullet positions and etc. Everything had to be checked over and over. You will find three stacks of 45 ACPs on my reloading bench. This is the first batch of reloaded ammo since my chemo started. I love 45s and that’s primarily all I shoot concerning pistols except my wife’s 9mm. Why do I choose to shoot 45s and reload 45s, because I love the recoil and it’s inherent forgiveness while shooting and reloading. I find 45s very shootable and they have such a broad spectrum of loading data and powders; however, I’m most fond of the Hodgdon CFE Pistol it’s a great powder. I never, ever push the limits of my weapons for any reason, +P isn’t a part of my repertoire, I respect all of my guns. Then there is the history behind this wonderful and enduring cartridge. How can we forget the history of the 1911 mated with the 45?

Below in the pictures you will see my 3 pistols in 45, they’re: Springfield XD Mod2, 3.2 barrel length and holds 9+1 rounds, extended mag, my carry gun; next, Springfield Range Officer 1911, 5 inch, 7+1 rounds, very accurate and occasionally I carry it as well as the XD and last, my Sig Nickel 1911, five inch, holds 8 rounds, this gun is my pride and joy. Below I will start with my reloading pictures first, next pictures of my guns and then shooting pictures on the hill where my family and I shoot at.

Thank you for this opportunity to show you my passion, shooting! Never give up, never end the fight, I will be cancer free.

Respectfully, Dana

Congrats Dana! We respect your determination and commitment to your health and shooting sports! I will email you so that you can claim your prize!

This Week’s Challenge: How Have You “Fought For the Cause”?

Tell us about what YOU are doing for the greater good of shooting sports and gun rights! How are you advocating for our cause, fighting ignorance, taking action, inviting people into the sport, etc. Have you written your local legislator? Donated to the 2A Foundation? Please click on the Facebook post below. Give us a write-up, share some pictures, plus tag two friends!

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