UR Weekly Update: Win a Brass Smith Victory Press, Starline Brass Winner, and more!

It has been an insane week! I launched my weekly giveaways last week, got two presses, dealt with more snowfall (removal, etc), published some great stories, and started filming new defense content. It’s been exciting!

Starline Brass Winner from Last Week

Congratulations to Jared Budzinski who won last week’s challenge for 250 pieces of rifle or pistol brass! You can send Ultimate Reloader a message on Facebook, or use the contact form here on Ultimate Reloader to claim your prize! (we will need your full name, age, mailing address, and email address!).

Jared’s story:

For Christmas my father and I got a combined present of a reloading kit. I have done some reloading on my own so I got to work with my dad teaching him all the meticulous little processes. We are just starting with 9mm so we don’t risk making any “bone-head brass” with the more expensive 6.5 creedmoor casings. We really wanted to go shooting today so last night we started working up a load using some new Starline brass. Unfortunately when we only had a few more bullets to seat our power went out! Against our better judgment we kept going😅. Me holding a flashlight while my father finished measuring powder and seating bullets. Probably not the best idea but after shooting today we came home with small groups and all our fingers👍.

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Win a Lyman Brass Smith Victory Press

Are you interested in winning a Lyman Brass Smith Victory press? Tell us your story here:

If you don’t use Facebook, you can email your entry to me directly, by visiting the YouTube About page for Ultimate Reloader.

Thanks everyone, and GOOD LUCK!



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