Let There Be Light: KMS Squared UFO Press Light Kit

I’ve been accused of overkill when it comes to lighting. Yes, I like a LOT of light- it makes almost any job in the shop easier and more enjoyable (even if it’s just looking for that open end wrench you can’t find). When it comes to reloading ammunition proper lighting becomes a safety issue. Spotting a squib (no powder) load or a double-charge could save you and your gun from major damage. So for a long time, I’ve wanted a better on-press lighting solution and now I’ve found it: the UFO Press Lighting System from KMS Squared! Let’s check it out.

*Note- after installing the small zip ties, you’ll see a separation of the vertical run of the LED strip from the press frame- I noticed this later, and after pressing it back down, it stayed adhered to the press.

What’s In the Box

With each UFO lighting kit, you’ll have everything you need to install the lighting system on your press, including surface prep supplies and mounting hardware. Here’s what “in the box”:

Pictured above: (starting at top, clockwise)

As you saw in the video, installation takes only about 5 minutes, and when you turn it on for the first time it may be a good idea to wear sun glasses. That’s my kind of lighting!

UFO Press Light In Use

Yes, it’s bright- but how does it change the reloading experience? It’s amazing. I’ve resorted to bore lights, hand held lights, and even head lamps in an effort to more effectively check powder levels when reloading. This new light is a game-changer. For everything from setup to loading, this is going to be a great benefit for both the reloading experience, and for safety.

The picture above shows what you see when looking at the die stations- you don’t see the “bare bulbs” of the LEDs when reloading which is good because they could be distracting. It’s like taking your press out into the daylight, but not having any shadows. Pretty amazing.

Here you can see what a first-person powder check looks like for 22 Nosler (yes, that’s coming to UR!). 22 case mouths are particularly challenging for powder checks because of the small diameter- but you can see here just how easy it is to see the powder granules (Varget shown here) when reloading:


I’m glad I got the KMS Squared UFO press light kit for my Lock-N-Load AP- in fact, I’m thinking to upgrade quite a few presses with this light kit. David from KMS Squared makes the following kits:

Look for more KMS Squared features and deals coming up!


One thought on “Let There Be Light: KMS Squared UFO Press Light Kit”

  1. Gavin,

    I ordered one of these kits when you had the 10% off deal with KMS. I installed it today (I been recovering from a knee replacement so it took a while). Wow is this unit nice, it completely lights up the entire shell plate. No such thing as too much light when loading. Highly recommended.

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