Ultimate Reloader Deal: 10% off 357 Magnum Brass

If you are like me, you pick up brass at every opportunity- saving money is one of the big reasons why I reload my own ammunition. The problem? Finding what you want! Sure, it’s easy to find 38 Special brass at the range, but I can never find enough once-fired 357 Magnum brass (I load WAY more 357 Magnum compared to 38 special). The answer? Bulk once-fired brass! For a limited time, you can save 10% off your *entire* order of 357 Magnum brass from Capital Cartridge!

Doesn’t that picture make you want to go shoot some 357 Magnum? Perhaps it’s time to stock up on 357 Magnum brass!

Here’s the coupon code:

Now you can save your back, and focus on your reloading rather than spend half of your range time picking up brass! Hope you find this helpful. Stay tuned for more deals from Capital Cartridge!


One thought on “Ultimate Reloader Deal: 10% off 357 Magnum Brass”

  1. Very nice pistol. What make and model is it; and what is it’s barrel length? I can’t make up my mind to buy a revolver or a semi-auto hand gun. I prefer something that I can reload (no .22 LR or .22 Mag). If I go with a semi-auto handgun, I’m leaning towards a 9mm. For a revolver, I’m leaning towards either a .28Spec./.357 Mag or a .44 Mag or one in 9mm with a barrel length of 6″ or 6.5″. I prefer something made of steel (either blued or stainless), nothing made of alloy, aluminum or plastic. Between the two (semi-auto and revolver), I’m a little more partial to the semi-auto handgun (provides quicker reloads with use of multiple magazines). Since this will be my first time purchasing a handgun, what would you recommend as my first one? One further bit of info, besides general target shooting (right and left handed), I’m looking also looking at the ideal of competitive shooting in the future. With all o this into account, what would you recommend? Please note, barrel length must be equal to or greater than 4 and 1/8 inches. Anything shorter is prohibited in my area (Canadian East Coast … Nova Scotia). Thanks for your thoughts in advance. Keep up your great videos.

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