Merry Christmas 2014 from Ultimate Reloader

Wishing all of you a very merry Christmas this year, and a time that’s filled with family, friends, celebration, and [hopefully] shooting! Hopefully you all will find some great reloading gear under the tree as well! I recently got a shipment from Santa that included both Hodgdon CFE 223, and Hodgdon CFE Pistol, so look for some blog content related to those powders soon.


If you got something great for Christmas, please leave a comment and tell us what you scored! Thanks, Gavin

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2014 from Ultimate Reloader”

  1. Magpul BEV block…Grace roll punch sets standard and starter roll pin punch sets….BDS Tactical pistol thigh universal holster….Two BDS Single Point Slings…a nice pro grade spanner wrench…Pro Mag magwell block…No Mar Trigger Test Block…No Mar Cleaning Link….500 rounds of Tula 223….1,000 small pistol primers…two DPMS Levang Linear Muzzle Brakes (On back order but ordered!) and a Magpul Armorer’s AR 15 Wrench (Back ordered as well but ordered!)…Dewey Rifle Chamber Brush and various brushes to clean a AR 15 platform….I can cheat on this sort of….we set a limit on spending…the better half orders her present/s and I order mine so there’s no disappointment on a gift you’ll never use or want!!!

    God I just love this arrangement!!

  2. Oh….enjoy the holidays by the way…too bad it is snowing right now. I need to go practice but thank God we are past the winter solstice!! I have a rifle action to bed into a new stock anyways. That was a freebie to me from me!!


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