By Request: Generic Ammo Box Labels (PDF)

It’s great to be able to print out your own ammo box labels, this is a super-important part of keeping track of your ammunition. A while back I posted free ammo box labels for a variety of cartridges. Based on some requests from all you readers, I’ve included a “generic” ammo box label  in this blog post (see link below).

Now you can easily write-in any cartridge name at the top of the label! Have fun with these!

Ammo Box Labels Generic – (Avery 8163 10 up)

Here’s a preview of what these labels look like:

Generic ammo box label


10 thoughts on “By Request: Generic Ammo Box Labels (PDF)”

  1. These are far from Generic I would say they are nicer than some of the little one’s where you can hardly write data down and your able to read what you write.
    Thank you.

  2. This is really handy. Plus they are on a sheet and easier to keep track of instead of the individual ones. and large enough to actually document good information with the space provided.


  3. Printed a sample sheet out on my laser printer…will cut out and place a label inside my plastic ammo box…one for each loaded box of ammo.

    With as many firearms I own…..yeah….I have at times not marked a 50 box/tray of ammo (mostly rifle ammo) thinking I would remember powder/grains. Mistake. A really rookie mistake at that with so many firearms I load for. This label will work well I believe.

    Ten labels per sheet….talk about low cost!! I cannot even guess how cheap this is. The paper is .008 cents per sheet….I love it!! Pulling some figures here…that comes down to .0008 cents per label. Plus some fraction for the ink.


  4. Why would you create labels for reloading ammunition and totally omit any reference for the cartridge case used? Turning a previously safe loading into something that can potentially blow up a gun or shooter if loaded into a different cartridge than previously used is not safe-reloading practice and should be immediately changed and not supported or advised.
    Otherwise, thanks.

    1. Maybe……I have never been that unobservant as to place a round intended for another rifle into the chamber of another rifle even with the same chambering. I universally load pistol ammo and shoot within calibers…9mm to 9mm…40 S&W to 40 S&W…45 ACP to 45 ACP/ETC. I load very safe pistol ammo well within safe preasure levels.

      I think most reloaders just have a problem with what was loaded for a rifle and not for what firearm. I have several 308 Winchester firearms for example. I mark on the plastic ammo boxes what firearm the rounds are intended for. That is using common sense. Where I see what I do is, what did I do with those empty cases for a particular firearm reloading wise. When developing a load…you know that one can forget very easily what powder/charge and sometimes bullet was used. Look at a Nosler Comp bullet and a Sierra Match King bullet of same weight/design….very easy to not be able to tell the difference. Berger bullets look destinctive but what weight did one use. Besides…one can always mark what firearm the cases are used for in the notes section.

      Not a high percentage of shooters have the amount of fireams I have and frankly….I really do not know how many firearms I actually have number wise. There are several in the building stage and others cased up. That is why I built a shop to house the entire collection/reloading equipmet/gunsmithing tools and equipment in. It just is not ready for move in.

      I like the labels….since I’m a serious tightwad and seriously hate spending more for ammo/guns than need be (And I shoot…alot!!) I’m already finding these lables extremely helpful. And cost precious little!!

  5. Ordered a pack of labels from Amazon, and printed them up! They look great, and are exactly what I have been looking for. One of my new goals is to be more organized with my load data, and these labels along with your reloading ledger are definitely helping out! Thanks again!

  6. Gavin, my daughter is much more computer literate than I’ll ever be. She helped me get these printed up. She told me it took a little effort on your part to prepare and post this. Your effort is appreciated. I’ve got 100 labels printed up (that’ll hold me a while). Thank you!


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